Monday, 28 November 2011

My excuses...

Here's the reasons I haven't blogged properly in...ages...

Firstly I bust my knuckles on the left hand doing room service deliveries. Pretty much the space was too small and the tray was too heavy and I didn't want to risk backtracking in case I dropped it. It bled a lot and it has taken ages to heal. It still hurts two weeks later!

Then I got another cold that has progressively gotten worse and has affected my eyes. Yesterday I had a cafe shift at 7:30am which I had to cancel because my eyes looked like this:

My left eye was literally glued closed when I woke up. It was gross.

Anyway, enough about that. Here are some random photos I've snapped while going about my daily routine.

The cupcakes below are from the Cup & Cake the place I wrote my report on. Look pretty, don't they?

I was feeling a bit lonesome one day so I bought a Gingerbread woman to remind me of home. No where near as nice as Nef's.
And here's a coffee I had at Avanti Cafe. It tasted pretty awful they have Roasted Addiction coffee. I attempted to transform the blob into something. If you know what it is send me an answer in the comments section. From this:
To this:

Anyway, that's about it. I still feel like crap. Of the eight weeks I've been here I've been sick for six of them and I'm getting upset about it. I want to come home for Christmas.


Stefanie said...

It is obviously a pig.

Marta said...

Awh, I know how you feel. I made the mistake of thinking it was warm enough to put on a lghter jacket one morning, that same evening I was a weepy blob :/ but it was my fault haha.
Hope you're getting better.

Also, I find it amusing to imagine you sitting in a cafe improving people's coffee designs.