Saturday, 8 October 2011

Week 1: Got through it!

Yay! I got through the first week. During some points it was really hard and I just wanted to go home but, as everyday passes, I get more comfortable.

The first week was a good amount of work. We got right into it, which is a good thing. We already have our first assignment to produce a hotel relevant CV and cover letter so I will get onto that as soon as I finish this post.

I've pretty much figured the bus system out. Buying that pre-paid card for $300 is worth its weight in gold! It has been so useful because you have to travel quite far for the supermarket not to mention Fernhill is ridiculously steep and I will not walk up it. I have also joined the Queenstown Library. They've recently made the process free for students---so another yay from me.

This morning I went to the "Taste of Queenstown" festival (at least that's what I think it's called). So here are some of the photos.

 These two cup-cake photos are from a soap seller who had all these dessert soaps. They looked amazingly pretty.

And these two ladies were a hoot.
So anyway, that's it! I haven't got anything else at the moment unless you specifically request something. Before you ask: we got our uniforms but I'll blog about that next week.

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Savannah said...

Heya! ;)

So... where those cupcakes edible or just fancy soap? Rational thinking says soap (they are out in the sun, uncovered, unrealistically gorgeous) but my tummy is in denial of these facts. :D

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