Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Ok! Ok! An Update!

Yep. Feeling a bit better physically although I still can't hear much out my left ear. Been kept pretty busy with shifts, assignments and generally trying to figure my new lifestyle out. I don't feel like putting a long written spiel so I'm gonna keep it mostly visual. Happy with that?

Well, that's all you're getting.

Right-o. Starting off with my candy review from The Remarkable Sweet Shop. I chose...
The classic American Twinkie because I remember watching that movie Zombie Land (I think that's what's called?) and seeing one of the main characters scour every store in search of his beloved Hostess Twinkies. Not that exciting in appearance is it?
Here it is again with a better background. Still not exciting. However maybe the taste would be better!

Unfortunately not. It was really artificial and, well, boring. Disappointed. I give it only half a star.

Okay. Next...

The week before last I went to the Taste Queenstown Festival and had my face painted for only $2.00. What a deal! I took photos so I'll never forget.

Then this week I did it again!

Oh. And I also bought this hat because I fell in love with it. Seriously. It is also great for those cold days to keep my brain warm.

 I also loved my makeup that day. Sigh. Admire.

So. That's it for now. Just a quick blog post to keep everyone happy. It's all about me, me, me. Sorry about that.

What do you think about the picture quality? I've been trying to get a low res image for downloading purposes but I don't know if I've gone too far. I think I have...

Have a wonderful week everyone. I miss you all!


Savannah said...

For one - I totally agree with your stance on Twinkies. I bought three from Thistles. They are most unimpressive.

2nd, lol and I was told by mummy that I put too much eyeliner on HER, hehehe, just look at you!!! By the way your hair style in the fairy shoot looks like Kimbra :)

3rdly, oh em gee, your little yellow hat = AWESOME LOOK!!!! You look like "a vintage rose" words from Stefanie McKnight. Is it felt?

THANKS FOR THE UPDATE!!! You're looking mighty fine in all your pics even if you feel like an ill person.

Stefanie said...

Looks like you had fun. I like the make-up. Too bad about your twinkie, my Twinkies is better.

Marta said...

Excellent photos! Loved your hair with the fairy face paint photos :)

Actually I just enjoyed all the photos of you, awesome colours!

ethan said...

What wonderful Face paint and hope to have you back to blogging soon!

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