Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Another picture entry

More scenes of Queenstown. Isn't it stunning? I'm beginning to sound boring.

These Periwinkle flowers were growing on a wall outside the college. There were so many and they looked so nice I had to take a photo.
And this is the pug dog that the caretakers of the residence own. I think his name is Winston and he's there for security.

Also today I went to the Remarkables Sweet Shop. They have stacks of international confectionery available. It was pretty incredible.

I did buy something that appealed to me. These are called Flying Saucers and I do believe they come from Germany.
The outside is starchy like an ice cream cone and when you bite into them...
 ...they contain sherbert.

They were quite nice but on a scale of 1-5 I'll give them 2.

The reason they were so low was because the outside was bland and stuck to the inside of my mouth. The sherbert was nice but that's all I can say about them.

They were nice.

So that's all for now.


Stefanie said...

your hands are looking a lot better!

Marta said...

That pug is so sweet.
And if it were me in that candy store I would have bought absolutely everything because I have no self-control.

Oh and here's my blog, though I haven't posted anything of my own in a while, been a little busy :(

Oni said...

Thanks Marta!!

Savannah said...

Hey Oni,

Looks good. Sorry to hear your sugary treat didn't quite rise to expectation but did you know you can suck the neckter of Periwinkles like jasmine or honey suckle? Very tasty, tastier than flying sausers anyway (did I use the wrong sause there?? Saucer?)

By the way, THE PUGGLE IS SO CUTE!!!!!! Did you know a puggle is actually the name of a baby echidna? The things you learn. Not sure I have confidence in Winston's security skills though...