Friday, 30 September 2011

More of Queenstown

 Queenstown is ridiculously pretty. You'd have to be a complete idiot if you managed to get an ugly photo. I took these on my walk to QRC campus.

 Just in case you don't know what the below photo is, it is a picture of the water.
 The tiny St Peters church which I will attempt to visit on Sunday.

 And this pretty (magnolia?) tree.
Still miss everyone. Leave me a comment to know I'm not alone.


Marta said...

Baby, you're not alone! I left a comment on your last post too :)

Savannah said...

HI IONA!! Me too, I like to check out what you're doing as well :)

You're right, Queenstown is beautiful and I love that you're updating us with pics of your explorations.

I'm keen to see pics of the QRC too and you in your uniform.

How's the curriculum?

Oni said...

Thanks Marta for your comments. You must leave me the link for your blog again. I have a new laptop and it doesn't have my old bookmarks on it. I'm glad you're with me in spirit!

Puff-Ball! I will try to take photos of QRC. The curriculum looks like a lot of work...darn.

We haven't got our uniforms yet but I'll be sure to post when I do get it.