Thursday, 9 June 2011

A quick note: I'm Home

I've been home a few days now and I'm quite happy but I do miss everyone at SRA. Hope they are having good luck on the job hunt.

What have I done since I got back?

Well, I got back on Sunday after a long bus ride. My organs were liquefied by the violent bouncing. Next time I go anywhere I'm gonna watch how much junk I accumulate so I can take a nice quick plane ride home instead. In four months I collected a awe-inspiring load of treasures (crap) which became immensely problematic at the end.

Anyway, I got home so that's over.

Now, Savannah conspired with dad for me to do a ball makeup demonstration in Palmerston so on Monday (a mere 12 hours later) I was hauled over there. It was fun and I hope they do want makeup for their shin-dig or else I will be sad.

Since then, I have made a Bacon and Egg pie and also gone to a dance exercise class which was a bit weird with all the hip-thrusting 'n all. I will do it again though. I think.

So that's it.


Savannah said...

YAY!!!! So glad you're home! ;DDDDD
Yes, I've had some interested girls. Five so far seem serious.

Sammy said...

Is it all over already!?!? BTW I'm coming to wanganui around the 25th. Expect me. :)