Monday, 2 May 2011

Week: I'm-not-sure-any-more

Been a sloppy blogger, I have! Never mind, better late than never. I'm sitting in the Coffee Club determined to get this post done. I have incentive thanks to Mr. & Mrs. D:

So, the week before last we did WWI makeup, which essentially is the 1920s. I LOVED this look! It suited me and my personality.

See Mum, black makeup is very flattering on me. And here's my partner's styling on me:

Also that week Nef came to visit me. It was nice to have someone around. Since we did quite a lot of things I'll post the pictures to tell the story or else I'll be typing forever. Funnily enough, most of the photos involve food...

I had the chicken BBQ and Nef had a Margarita pizza. So Good!

Next day, we went to the Coffee Club and had steak sandwiches:

We also went to the movies and watched "Sucker Punch" it was good enough...bit obscure and Mary-Sue-ish but I enjoyed it all the same. Ending was good, I have to admit. And I loved all the glittery makeup and outfits.

Picture above is Nef in the cinema.

Next day:

Poached eggs on toast. So Good! Really enjoyed that breakfast.

So did Nef...


Can't remember what this place was called but it was very average. We both had Cashew curry which sounded better than it was.

And after the Indian, we went to the museum to see the war projections on the exterior for Anzac commemoration. It was awesome, except for the giant cockroach. Shudder.

And the next day we went to The Chocolate Boutique. I had an Irish Coffee, which I managed to drink--but only barely. It was too sweet and fake tasting. Nef had a Macadamia Mocha which I Strongly advised against. She doesn't even like mochas! It was worse than mine. Even sweeter! Nef was (predictably) unable to drink it. I like the glasses.

The food was good. Nef had Chocolate Waffles and I had the Sticky Date Pudding. We enjoyed those.

The next day we had coffee at The Coffee Club.

And here is Nef experiencing the Link Bus on a rainy day. Such joy on her face!

And then she left and I was alone again...

*sniff, sniff* enjoy my queen sized without epiglottis noises.


So, onto last week and then I'm all blogged out. Nail design was a simple French Tip (Revlon: Tropical Punch) with a nail sticker over the polish. Looked complex and real pretty with no effort. Wish iTouch could pick up the design better.

The makeup was WWII. I liked it very much; there were fake lashes and the sneer lip. While I really enjoyed wearing the look, I must admit that the sneer lip didn't suit me because if my mini-sized lips.

Here's the picture anyway:

Btw, thanks for the B-day earrings Van! I'm wearing them. Also, thanks for the receipt, you must have been delighted to stick within your traditional budget.

And that's it! Fewf! That was a lot of work. No wonder I kept putting it off.

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Stefanie said...

Love the word sneer, but hated the lip look! You are dead right about it not suiting you.

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