Sunday, 29 May 2011

BED BUGS ~ not even kidding

Well, my lower legs have been devoured like a buffet by voracious, blood sucking, minions-of-the-devil BED BUGS! At this point I am freaked out about sleeping under the covers and might just use the spare blanket in the closet instead. Everyday I wake up and the bites are getting higher and higher. I've never had this problem until this week and I am certain they aren't fleas or mosquitos. Very unhappy.

>.< So this week we've just been going over what we already know but this time we got to be experimental. Here's a picture of me after my partner did an experimental "elegant lip" look on me. Pretty neat, huh?

What else?

Nothing really. Here's last weeks nails. I did two designs because the rhinestones fell off the first one and it looked boring without them.
Okay. Bye again, this time next week I'll be home. Wow. Time flies.

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