Monday, 11 April 2011

Week 9: A Brow-less Birthday

Yes you read correct, no eyebrows this week. It was all the rage in Renaissance/Elizabethan times. Aren't I just stunning:

It must have been those semi-circle red eyebrows that made Queen Liz a paragon of beauty. As requested by Nef last week, here is a photo of my partner after I did her makeup:

Very queenly! And thanks for the ruffle! It made the whole look o-for-awesome.

Moving on......


It means so much that you haven't forgotten my existence!

......even if Van's text message came at 10:31 (and 19 seconds) pm. I forgive you though. How'd the assignment go?

Thank you mum for the card. I was very comforted to see that you'd sent it in your typical fashion: completely unrelated to my birthday or age group. It gave me a laugh. Don't be offended, I am truly happy I got the card.

And Samantha......


I was so touched by the card alone because it was so beautiful and then I opened it and found the Farmers card. I will get something for my Makeup Kit.


When it arrived I didn't want to open the envelope because you'd written so nicely on it. I ended up looking for scissors and going all Doctor-in-operation mode.

Any-hoo, aside from my birthday the week was rather anti-climatic. This coming Tuesday we are learning about Victorian makeup so that should be fun.

Here is this weeks nail art:

And the Asian ice cream is this:

It was chocolate and nut covering vanilla ice cream which covered a hard chocolate center. So good!

I'm going to see about getting a nice coffee now...I deserve it.


Sammy said...

Oh stop embarrassing me *blush*. Yeah there arent many things one can send in a letter-sized envelope but I thought a farmers voucher would be great for exactly that: makeup!

Speaking of which, I love the Elizabeth I makeup - really neato! (On you, not me).

Savannah said...

Indeed a paragon of beauty! The creepy thing is you in that look would have been seriously sexy stuff! I with my lack of eyebrows would also go down well in that society... unlike in greece...

Thank you for your forgiveness of me - I certainly appreciate it. I have no concept of date or day of the week anymore, but I'm coming home soon and I think you will appreciate that I have already bought you a gift (sure it could be a belated birthday or a 'it's been soon long, miss you' gift)but it is in my usual budget worthy style (but I think you will appreaciate I done well with my pickings). You will like it.

Anyhow, I like your icecream pick (I get dessert every day here (just small ones so I don't get fat)) and I went oddly enough to the Massey gym "Body Attack" group fitness group. LOL! Yes dying would feel similar...

COOL! Hope you had a good one!! ;DD

Stefanie said...

With a name like Body Attack what did you expect? The ruffle looks amazing! You look so much like queen liz1 it is shocking. You just need a red Afro and there you go!