Sunday, 3 April 2011

Week 8: Pretty (bald) Medieval Maidens

Medieval makeup -- complete & passed! It was the easiest look so far. All those medieval beauties did was pluck their faced and hairlines bald then put the palest of makeup on. I was extremely happy with the costuming so thank you Mum and Nef!

Here's what I looked like after my partner made me up (note: this is NOT my styling or work. I am merely the stunning model):

Now isn't that just stunning? If you have a microscope you may be able to see the makeup.

So where am I now? I am at the Little Espresso House having a Flat White because I liked the coffee last time I was here. Alas, this coffee tastes like it has been stewed with cigarettes. Yuck.


After: Look it's the Lion King in my Flat White! That is so not hygienic!

Onto the weekly nail design. Tada!

Turquoise and gold look AMAZING together.

And here is this weeks ice cream:

Sadly, I did not like this weeks ice cream. It was green tea wrapped around walnut ice cream. There were a few reasons this didn't appeal:

1) I'm not usually affected by fake food colouring however, they look like a pair of snot balls.

2) I don't like green tea.

3) it was just plain weird.

Nuff said.

I did try out other Asian goodies which were pleasant:

And finally, here is my weekly fashion look courtesy of one of my classmates. Doesn't it look good? I think I really suit it.

That's it! I am all emptied out with this weeks news.

Thanks to everyone who comment! It makes me happy that you like to know what I'm plotting, even if it is useless fluff.

Bye bye!

Ps here's a pic of the adorable cat that visits me. She is still so tiny!

Pps / pss? Stef next photos are for you. View & weep.


Stefanie said...

Oh my god!!!! Those shoes!!! How much? How much? How much?!? I wish you would include your model modelling your look.

Savannah said...

Heheheh!!! Coolness.

I love the fashion makeup look your friend did and yes, you do make an adorable medieval model!

Nails look like the Lion King theme from the coffee cup and those shoes were totally worth Stefanie spending her life savings on... I know she did ;D

Yea, those snotballs aren't too hot in comparison to some of your previous ice creams but yea. Somebody out there in the world will love them (they may be a boger loving ogre however... how did the marketing work for that demographic?...)

Savannah said...

BTW That cat is UBER CUTE~!~~~!!