Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Lucky Lucky Iona!

Went and used the Farmers voucher from Sam (thanks again) and I bought this:

OPI's Lucky Lucky Lavender. I have been wanting a pastel shade of purple for ages and this opportunity meant I could get it without feeling guilty.

\ ^~^ / happiness!

So I gave myself a classic French tip to show off the colour.

So delicious! I love it.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Week 10: Weird-as week •_•'>


That is my symbol for "confused, weird-as-ness".

Been a funny week, as though I've been in an alternate universe or something. Unfortunately I don't think this is going to be a very long (or interesting post) but I'll write something anyway so I don't get abusive Facebook messages (update! update! update! update! update! update! update! update! update! update! update! update! update! update! update! update!). Wonder who sent that, hmm.

Did Victorian makeup which sounds more exciting than it is. Pretty much the look involved foundation a shade lighter than normal skin tone. My partner was perplexed over what to do when the pastiest white foundation was an exact match for my skin. So while everyone got to walk around with anemic, "I-just-saw-a-ghost" complexions I looked...normal. Even though I hate to say it (cuz it's so teenage) it was a definite LOL moment.

On the eyes there was a pale wash of colour with no mascara or eyeliner. Thankfully the brows remained untouched much to everyones delight; we're still growing them back after last week.

The lips were cool! It's called the "Bitten Lip" meaning we put a strong concentration of red lipstick on the inner part of the lips and gradated it outward to the natural lip line. The end result was as though we'd been eating raspberries. It was really pretty. The final touch was blush on the apples if the cheeks.

The hair was very Scarlet O'Hara; three ringlets on both sides of the face covering the ears. The rest of the hair was gathered in a low bun at nape of neck. I used a red and green fascinater to embellish. So yeah; that's Victorian.

Bring on WWI!

Okay, makeup reprieve. Here is the weekly nail design:

Blue diagonal tips with white tiger stripes. I really liked how effective the colours were in making design really pop.

Speaking of tigers...I cut nails considerably shorter and gave shaped them to be more square. They are more functional now.

Onto the ice cream which is pistachio, I'm not sure about the other flavours cuz I can't read the label.

It was quite nice; it almost had a liqueur flavour.


Back to makeup; I have work experience on Sunday for "Catwalk Studios".



Not sure what we're doing but I think it's another fashion show. I'll blog after I've done it.

That's it! Bye bye for now.

Monday, 11 April 2011

You'd think in Auckland they'd get it right.

If only...

Coffee from this Esquires tastes like cigarettes-- mmm, my favourite! What's more it had over a centimeter of foam on the top which concludes that this is a Latte; all well and good BUT I ordered a Flat White.

What a sad thing you are.

Week 9: A Brow-less Birthday

Yes you read correct, no eyebrows this week. It was all the rage in Renaissance/Elizabethan times. Aren't I just stunning:

It must have been those semi-circle red eyebrows that made Queen Liz a paragon of beauty. As requested by Nef last week, here is a photo of my partner after I did her makeup:

Very queenly! And thanks for the ruffle! It made the whole look o-for-awesome.

Moving on......


It means so much that you haven't forgotten my existence!

......even if Van's text message came at 10:31 (and 19 seconds) pm. I forgive you though. How'd the assignment go?

Thank you mum for the card. I was very comforted to see that you'd sent it in your typical fashion: completely unrelated to my birthday or age group. It gave me a laugh. Don't be offended, I am truly happy I got the card.

And Samantha......


I was so touched by the card alone because it was so beautiful and then I opened it and found the Farmers card. I will get something for my Makeup Kit.


When it arrived I didn't want to open the envelope because you'd written so nicely on it. I ended up looking for scissors and going all Doctor-in-operation mode.

Any-hoo, aside from my birthday the week was rather anti-climatic. This coming Tuesday we are learning about Victorian makeup so that should be fun.

Here is this weeks nail art:

And the Asian ice cream is this:

It was chocolate and nut covering vanilla ice cream which covered a hard chocolate center. So good!

I'm going to see about getting a nice coffee now...I deserve it.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Week 8: Pretty (bald) Medieval Maidens

Medieval makeup -- complete & passed! It was the easiest look so far. All those medieval beauties did was pluck their faced and hairlines bald then put the palest of makeup on. I was extremely happy with the costuming so thank you Mum and Nef!

Here's what I looked like after my partner made me up (note: this is NOT my styling or work. I am merely the stunning model):

Now isn't that just stunning? If you have a microscope you may be able to see the makeup.

So where am I now? I am at the Little Espresso House having a Flat White because I liked the coffee last time I was here. Alas, this coffee tastes like it has been stewed with cigarettes. Yuck.


After: Look it's the Lion King in my Flat White! That is so not hygienic!

Onto the weekly nail design. Tada!

Turquoise and gold look AMAZING together.

And here is this weeks ice cream:

Sadly, I did not like this weeks ice cream. It was green tea wrapped around walnut ice cream. There were a few reasons this didn't appeal:

1) I'm not usually affected by fake food colouring however, they look like a pair of snot balls.

2) I don't like green tea.

3) it was just plain weird.

Nuff said.

I did try out other Asian goodies which were pleasant:

And finally, here is my weekly fashion look courtesy of one of my classmates. Doesn't it look good? I think I really suit it.

That's it! I am all emptied out with this weeks news.

Thanks to everyone who comment! It makes me happy that you like to know what I'm plotting, even if it is useless fluff.

Bye bye!

Ps here's a pic of the adorable cat that visits me. She is still so tiny!

Pps / pss? Stef next photos are for you. View & weep.