Sunday, 27 March 2011

Week 7: mono-brows, models & naked people

At the moment I am sitting in the Coffee Club having a Flat White because I totally deserve it for doing so well yesterday. Here is what my Flat White looks like.

It has a pretty top and it tastes good too.

Yay! Another week complete and, as you saw from the previous post, we were doing awesome mono-brows. On Friday we got to use the principles of Roman/Greek makeup to create Avant Garde looks. Mine was amazing if I do say so myself but the picture is on my digital camera so I can't post it. However I do have a picture of my eye after my partner did my makeup. Here it is:

Quite pretty. I'd post the "demon" look except I (not the makeup) look exceptionally unflattering in the photo. Me + candid photos = monstrosity.

On an unrelated topic, here was the weekly nail design:

Also this weeks ice cream choice:

It was vanilla ice cream with red bean paste all wrapped in a wafer-ish cover. It was nice but not my favourite.

The work experience was AWESOME. It was for the Newmarket Fashion Festival and it started really early. We had to be there at 7:30 and start makeup at 8:00. I did complete makeup on two girls and loads of touch ups. Most of the other makeup artists left at 10:30 but I volunteered (along with three others) to stay until 3:30 for touch ups.

The models were so tall! My head didn't even reach their shoulders! They had to bend down so I could powder their noses. INSANE!

So that's all! Bye!


Stefanie said...

Yay you updated! Love the fish pictures especially the "new" mouth you created for it. The nails look fresh and vibrant so kudos to you. I found your comment of powdering the statuesque models noses funny.

Savannah said...

I WANT MORE!!! I was all ready for a big read... like the sound of that monstrocity picture ;DDD

Anywho, sounds good. I wish I had awesome ice cream... by the way, you are growing absolute talons!!