Sunday, 20 March 2011

Week 6: Sultry, sulky & sleepy

Did the sultry makeup which, as expected, was not easy. I failed the first time round so I repeat the test on Friday and I passed. Thank goodness for that otherwise I would have gone completely crazy repeating it again.

Here's a picture of me wearing the Fashion Sultry look.

We also went on a field trip to M.A.C, Chanel and Bobbi Brown makeup counters. The trip was really informative especially from Chanel where one of the ladies graduate SRA in October 2010. She was really nice and gave us all a sample of their foundation Teint Innocence.

At the moment I am sitting in an Esquires coffee shop drinking a so-so Flat White. I spent a great deal of time at the library researching Ancient Greece / Rome. I'm going to go home now and gonna write everything up.

Here's my very average coffee with lopsided fern thing.

Here it is after I modified it.

Now I won't be frustrated by it's fern placement.

Onto the next thing. On Friday I went and got my ice cream. So here is my choice: "Double Bianco" something-or-rather.

It was very nice, though not as good as last week. It had strawberry streaked vanilla ice cream and below that was a gorgeous apple sorbet. I fell in love with the sorbet. So so good!

Also, since Vannah liked my nails in the last post, I thought I'd put pictures up of other designs I'd photographed. I'm a bit like a psychopath aren't I? Taking pictures of everything so I can re-live the moment.

I love the design above. I was inspired by a YouTube video.

And this concluded another episode of "Wasting Time with Iona".

Next week expect: monobrows, togas and more ice cream as well as a report on my first work experience job. I am doing sultry make up (along with 5 other class mates) for a fashion show in Newmarket. Kinda nervous. Wish me the best.


Sammy said...

Iona. I am coming up to Auckland for a ball (Young Nats, John Key will be there. Hoping to snatch him for a dance although I can't dance).

I want you to do my NAILS after seeing what you've created. Please please please dress me up!!!

I will pay you.

Savannah said...

I already wrote a comment but I don't think it saved; anywho, I think your nail pictures are fantastic and wish you the bestest for your first job experience!!