Sunday, 6 March 2011

Week 4: Natural, Natural, NATURAL

Yip, as the name implies we have been working on natural makeup. This may surprise a lot of people (it certainly did for me) but the whole I-don't-have-any-makeup-on effect is quite hard to achieve. The end result (when applied correctly) is breathtaking. So we did natural, natural nude and natural fashion all of which is self explanatory.

Along with that we also did male makeup. One of my class mates has been dubbed "The Jesus of Men" as she brought in extras for all us poor people who didn't have someone to exploit. So the makeup went well. We had to make sure the male was comfortable and talk to them carefully as to not spook them about glitter and mascara wands. It was quite fun. What I did was use the concealer to hide the blemishes and then added a light layer of foundation. My client left quite happy and didn't even remove the makeup before he left so I was quite stoked!

Next week we are moving on to Elegant which includes the red lip look. Yay! So excited about that! I'm not so excited about mature makeup because I'm going to have to find a mature beauty >_<. Darn. I'll ask around if anyone has a spare 40+ grandma or aunt they can lend me. On other news, did my groceries (such a never ending chore) and am currently onto laundry (also a tedious job that comes around too fast). While I was in Newmarket getting said groceries I saw a Stag do in progress. I WISH I had taken a photo because one of the guys (I assume the groom) was hand cuffed to a traffic light wearing only a man-kini. Hilarious! There was also "Spank Me" instructions. Also, I have finally visited The Chocolate Boutique. So adorable and stuffed full of chocolate. I went with my classmate and we had a great time. She ordered a Cherry cake and I got a Flat White and chocolate waffles. So decadent. I could only take a few sneaky photos as they have a no photography policy. So here they are.

The walls were stacked with loads of candy. It was like the Willy Wonker movie!

This is the Cherry Pie/cake.

The Flat White. My Flat White is prettier ^_~.

My chocolate waffle. It had chocolate ice cream, cream and chocolate shavings. I think the price was good considering it is in the middle of Parnell. $5.50 for the cherry pie and $7.50 for the waffle.

I was totally stuffed afterwards.

Here you can see the candy jars lining the walls.

For more about the boutique follow this link: Chocolate-Boutique

My classmate and I also went to Newmarket and wandered around for a while. We went to Smith + Caugheys which is full of highly expensive designer products. I want everything!

Eat your heart out Savannah! They had Chandeliers everywhere.

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