Sunday, 27 March 2011

Week 7: mono-brows, models & naked people

At the moment I am sitting in the Coffee Club having a Flat White because I totally deserve it for doing so well yesterday. Here is what my Flat White looks like.

It has a pretty top and it tastes good too.

Yay! Another week complete and, as you saw from the previous post, we were doing awesome mono-brows. On Friday we got to use the principles of Roman/Greek makeup to create Avant Garde looks. Mine was amazing if I do say so myself but the picture is on my digital camera so I can't post it. However I do have a picture of my eye after my partner did my makeup. Here it is:

Quite pretty. I'd post the "demon" look except I (not the makeup) look exceptionally unflattering in the photo. Me + candid photos = monstrosity.

On an unrelated topic, here was the weekly nail design:

Also this weeks ice cream choice:

It was vanilla ice cream with red bean paste all wrapped in a wafer-ish cover. It was nice but not my favourite.

The work experience was AWESOME. It was for the Newmarket Fashion Festival and it started really early. We had to be there at 7:30 and start makeup at 8:00. I did complete makeup on two girls and loads of touch ups. Most of the other makeup artists left at 10:30 but I volunteered (along with three others) to stay until 3:30 for touch ups.

The models were so tall! My head didn't even reach their shoulders! They had to bend down so I could powder their noses. INSANE!

So that's all! Bye!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Ravishing Beauty; no kidding!

Okay. Something doesn't look right in this picture... too many beauty spots. That's it; with me being a Greek goddess 'n all, three is just too much for those mere mortals.

That explains why no one could look at me when I took the bus home ^.<

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Week 6: Sultry, sulky & sleepy

Did the sultry makeup which, as expected, was not easy. I failed the first time round so I repeat the test on Friday and I passed. Thank goodness for that otherwise I would have gone completely crazy repeating it again.

Here's a picture of me wearing the Fashion Sultry look.

We also went on a field trip to M.A.C, Chanel and Bobbi Brown makeup counters. The trip was really informative especially from Chanel where one of the ladies graduate SRA in October 2010. She was really nice and gave us all a sample of their foundation Teint Innocence.

At the moment I am sitting in an Esquires coffee shop drinking a so-so Flat White. I spent a great deal of time at the library researching Ancient Greece / Rome. I'm going to go home now and gonna write everything up.

Here's my very average coffee with lopsided fern thing.

Here it is after I modified it.

Now I won't be frustrated by it's fern placement.

Onto the next thing. On Friday I went and got my ice cream. So here is my choice: "Double Bianco" something-or-rather.

It was very nice, though not as good as last week. It had strawberry streaked vanilla ice cream and below that was a gorgeous apple sorbet. I fell in love with the sorbet. So so good!

Also, since Vannah liked my nails in the last post, I thought I'd put pictures up of other designs I'd photographed. I'm a bit like a psychopath aren't I? Taking pictures of everything so I can re-live the moment.

I love the design above. I was inspired by a YouTube video.

And this concluded another episode of "Wasting Time with Iona".

Next week expect: monobrows, togas and more ice cream as well as a report on my first work experience job. I am doing sultry make up (along with 5 other class mates) for a fashion show in Newmarket. Kinda nervous. Wish me the best.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

St. Patricks Day


I'm at the Rotunda listening to the jazz. Todays flavor seems to be country, rock'n'roll and blues.

Anyway, here are the photos of the St. Pats Day parade.

I want this car.

I like her dress.

After the parade I went to a bar and got an Irish Coffee. It was really, really good!

So that's it.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Week 5: E for Elegance, Entertainment & Eating

Been busy this week. We started Elegant makeup which meant we were working with bold lipstick colours. Now some might say "holy moly, you spent a week learning to put lipstick on?!" to which I say: don't diss me until you try it. Putting on your own lipstick is incomparable to applying it to someone else. Achieving symmetry is incredibly difficult while still trying to keep the lines clean & crisp. Thank goodness I passed the test or else I would have gone insane repeating the look. So here's a picture after I was made-up.

We also started hand makeup! I enjoyed that! We has to cleanse, massage and moisturize our partners hands, push the cuticles back and file their nails. For polish we were to put a base coat on then at least two coats of colour followed by a top coat. My nails were painted a bright green and, when I got home I painted some nail art on so they look pretty cool. Again, the whole process is easier said then done. In a few weeks we will be tested on it.

On Friday my friend and I decided to have Ice cream Friday. This means every Friday we go to the Korean supermarket and buy an ice cream. Since we can't read Korean we choose the ice cream based on how they look. This is what I chose:

Oh my gosh! it was amazing! Vanilla ice cream balls wrapped in this thin, sweet skin which was a bit like uncooked pastry. So good. I want more!

Yum. Yum. Yum!

Any way, it's Saturday so I treated myself to a coffee this morning at The Little Espresso Room in Parnell. Their coffee and muffin were very good!

Don't they look nice? The coffee was a Flat White and the muffin was apple and cinnamon sprinkled with shaved almonds.

Also for lunch my friend and I went to a Japanese restaurant. I had Sweet & Sour Chicken Donburi. It was so so so gooooood! And so much for $10.00. I'm stuffed right now I don't think I'll have dinner tonight.

Above is the Teriyaki Chicken platter she had and below is what I ate.

We also went to the St. Patricks Day parade down Queen Street. But I'm going to blog about that later because I am so pooped and I took loads of photos which = loads of work to blog about.

Until then...