Sunday, 20 February 2011

Week 2: C, T, M & Chinese Lanterns

It's Sunday again. Is it possible to say that time seems to be going fast and slow at the same time? I've been here only two weeks but it feels like forever, yet classes are flying past at the speed of light.

This week we finished scars, it was quite a pain because I failed the first assessment and had to re-sit after class. Annoying but I'm glad I failed because it shows they have a set standard that they aren't willing to compromise.

So, now that special effects are done we have started with actual makeup, learning the basics like skin types, face charts and CTM which stands for cleanse, tone and moisturise. We need to know the basics of beauty therapy so we can advise clients on how to look after their skin and what products to buy. We then did the process on our daily partners, first gently - and thoroughly - removing all make up on their eyes and faces. Did you know that when they autopsy women they find makeup in their organs because they don't properly remove it? Sure there is some absorption during the day, but most occur at night. Therefore everyone should invest in a good cleanser opposed to relying on the shower to remove the makeup.

Once the makeup was removed, our tutor went around with a cotton bud and swiped areas to look for residue. Once we were given the all clear (if not, cleanse had to be repeated) we were to massage moisturiser into the skin. The whole process was a weird experience because it isn't anything like touching your own skin.

Yeah, so that's what we did. In this coming week we will be focusing on corrective techniques etc.

On Friday I hooked up with Samantha and Nicole. It was so nice to see some familiar faces! We went to the Chinese Lantern Festival. It was brilliant! There were many beautiful displays, food and entertainment. I bought this adorable pink bunny hat. If I could get blogger+ to cooperate I'd post a picture but alas, for the life of me I cannot figure it out.

The next day we all went to look at the Farmers Markets which I found to be a bit anti-climatic compared to the Wanganui market. Nonetheless I enjoyed the time I spent with them. The rest of the day was dull; did grocery shopping and laundry.

It is Sunday now and at the moment I am at the rotunda, sprawled under a beautiful tree listening to the Sunday Jazz concert that the council has arranged for the next few weeks. Todays jazz has a Latin theme, (at the moment I am listening to a Latin "Sway") which makes it very interesting.

I miss home, not because I am home sick but because I miss the company. I also miss Twinkles.

Book I'm reading at the moment: How to create the perfect brows by Victoria Bush.

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