Saturday, 12 February 2011

Week 1: Boils, zits, burns & makeovers

I had this whole blog post written when something happened and the blogger+ app lost it. So frustrating! I also can't get this app to post pictures.

But onto more interesting things...

I'm doing my laundry now. I'm not sure how to dry them because I don't want to wear my clothes out by putting them in the dryer. I'll have to figure something out. No clothes line, so I might just have to hang everything around the place.

So onto something else...this time more interesting. I passed the burns test. We had to do 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns. I found this most challenging (so far) in the "climatics" special effects module. It was really hard for me to get the "gel skin" to work. Also, on Friday we started hygiene and got a demo on brush cleaning. In the afternoon we got makeovers by the more senior students. I chose bright green eyeshadow with a dramatic flick. The end result was quite nice. Got a locker at the academy to keep all my things, they're quite big and really convenient, especially when we get our kits. My locker is 188 and I've already lost the key so many times that I've bought a long chain to wear it around my neck.

What else?

Next week we are doing scars and basic makeup theory. So that should be exciting and less messy (well, thats the hope anyway). My classmates are nice, albeit I have little in common with any of them. Hopefully as time progresses the relationship between everyone will become smoother.

Food wise, still a bit lost on what to feed myself. Went to the grocery shop yesterday. I think I got enough to keep me healthy for the week. For vegetables, I bought a bag of coleslaw as well as the frozen veggies in the microwave steam bag. I also got oranges and apples. For meat I bought three little cans of tuna because they were on special. My luxury item was a small bag of Karajoz coffee because I'm a coffee snob and it reminds me of home.

So yeah, that's all for now. I might go and investigate the library. It's somewhere around here...

By the way, I have decided to hang my laundry round my room. Gosh. What an exciting blog post!

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