Sunday, 6 February 2011

In Auckland!

I can just tell by typing on this iTouch blogging is gonna be a pain in the butt cuz the letters are so small on the keyboard.

But no one wants to hear that, so let's get on with the story.

I am so tired! I have so many blisters on my feet it's not funny. They look like Frankenstein-feet. Why are they in such a deplorable state? Because I spent about two hours looking for the institute. While I commend them on their nice understated signage, it made them virtually impossible to find. I must have tramped past them half a dozen times! Grrrrrr!

And now! I'm back from the supermarket and Oh. My. Gosh. What a mission! I have a new appreciation for bygone house wife doing her shopping. Firstly I had to catch the bus, so I had to wait twenty minutes for the "Link" bus. Then me, with only a vague direction of where the shop was, misses it the first time and spent an additional 45-60 minutes going round Auckland (on the bright side, I have a good idea of how far the academy is on foot and bus).

Then at the supermarket I was exhausted and had no clue what to buy, so I just got basic food and supplies ( ie. Fruit, milk, washing powder etc.). It all came up to $60 or so. Then hauling it home reached new levels of agony. I'd managed to keep my shopping within three bags but they eventually got heavier and heavier.

Housewives used to not only do the shopping, but they had to drag their spawn with them. What a nightmare! Especially on those days with everything being bigger, heavier and difficulter. I just don't know how they did it.

Gosh. Isn't that sad. My first day on Auckland and all I can do is complain. But can you blame me?

Maybe I shall talk about some of the good things. My lodging is nice albeit small, but it is good for me and I don't have communal bathroom/toilets. The whole Parnell area is so adorable and is café central! Most of the shops here are high-end boutiques with the loveliest things to buy. I also noticed on my meandering walk that quite a few cafés are looking for staff. I'll keep that in mind for if I decide I need more money or can't stand being all alone in my room.

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Sammy said...

I feel your pain! I've always hated Auckland, and that's just by visiting! You'll get used to it though...

So you DO have an Ipod touch? add me add me add me! (my email is, not the gmail one)

And what's your flat like - where ARE you staying?? I plan to visit in Easter with Stef, if all goes well!

And I just want to add something quite important: Make as many friends as you choose, but please don't *like* them any better than me!

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