Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Yesterday I went shopping in Palmerson North with family. I only spent $35.00 but I got quite a lot. Retailers must be trying to get rid of last years stock.

Got these gorgeous nail polishes by Revlon. The bright pink on the left is called Tropical Temptation, the middle purple-pink is Seductive Plum and the final pastel is Pink Chiffon.

Also went to the new-ish jewelery store Lovisa and I got four earrings for $10.00, which was totally unexpected but I'm not complaining.

Black rhinestone flies...?
Diamante beetles.
Cute-as little Owls.
...and this earring set which I don't like, however I want to use the filigree fan in another piece of jewelery I'm making.

The final item was a cotton blouse-thing for only $10. Its a nice closet-filler.

Anyway, that's all for now. The photos aren't the best, this is the first time I've used an iTouch camera...I hate the compromise in quality but I do like the convenience of this item.

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