Thursday, 6 January 2011

Just photos

Savannah when to a Harry Potter themed birthday party. She decided to dress up as Fleur Delacour, so, with that in mind, we hunted around the house for all things Fleur-ish. This is what we came up with. I actually think it's a pretty good outfit. It was a piece that was entered into a fashion competition a few years ago, I don't think it got a placing. The hat is a hand made (by me) fedora with a pin tuck sash and buckle. Picture is a bit fuzzy, it was getting late and I didn't really have the patience to put up with her excited-ness.

This was the birthday boys dog. He was adorable! ...not as cute as Twinkles mind you.

They have a seriously intense bottle collection as part of their Harry Potter design scheme. When I asked the mother she said, "My husband digs holes for a living". It was a funny statement, but in actuality I think he's a contractor. There were some beautiful vintage pieces that made my fingers itch to steal.

That's all for now. I hope I don't fall off the planet again, I really enjoy blogging.

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Sammy said...


I totally don't have enough Harry Potter fan friends. No body would ever dress up to an HP themed party for me. Except maybe you. Ha ha.

I think Savannah looked great!

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