Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm terrible with updating. *sigh*. Nonetheless, I'm here now. Let's just skip the end of the year and move forward with some goals for 2011. I decided (with a little help from my boss) to make 5 achievable goals instead of a resolution. I'm happier with that idea because resolution sounds so severe and beyond me. So here it goes!
  1. Go to Makeup Artistry school.
  2. Write a story. At least one & finish it.
  3. Keep in contact with my close friends.
  4. Practice illustrative type.
  5. Do the Diploma of Hospitality Management.

    EDIT because I thought up some more goals.
  6. Complete defensive driving course.
  7. Get my full drivers license.
Those are all totally achievable. Let's go full steam ahead for 2011.

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