Thursday, 2 September 2010

Samantha Inspired: Vintage Skirt

This tutorial is dedicated to Samantha (a.k.a Queen Sammy) because it's her 21st Birthday and she's now officially old. If you're reading this Sam, you're old. It's gotta be said.

Now, despite her Condition, she has the coolest sense of style which has sparked me to make her clothes. I hope she likes them *fingers crossed*.

I wanted to do a tutorial because this skirt design makes it easy (ridiculously easy) to adapt for any body or style of clothing. I made this vintage inspired by using sheer patterned fabric which was inspired by Samantha's Polaroid assignment:

I also wrote a good majority in post-it notes because Samantha is a post-it note fiend. I'm never doing that again. Better appreciate it Sam. I used a whole pad and most of Thursday to complete this.

Quarter mark your skirt fabric before you actually start to gather the fabric. If you don't know what quarter marking is, click here.

Serpentine stitch (or stretch stitch. Whatever.) elastic and fabric together like image below.

Woo-hoo. A new skirt! I've customised this one a little by adding a gather to the front. In't pretty.

Well that's it for now.

Happy Birthday Samantha.


The Birthday Girl Herself said...

You know what, I never read you blog when you update, but I do when you're silent on end. I can't believe this was made on the 2nd! You could have potentially spoiled the surprise.

I'll have you know I was very, very, very flattered by this post. Very flattered. I'll reitterate. < I can't spell it, but you know what I mean.

Iona, you're amazing, I don't know what I'd do without you. You make my day, YOU DO!

I shall wear this skirt on wednesday. I was going to anyway, but this blog post just made me want to wear it even more. I'm flattered to have custom-made clothes by Iona and Stefanie McKnight! (And I will McKnight you one day, truly. I am Queen but I just need a sword and a crowd)

YAY :)
You made a simpleton very happy! (Or is that an insult? Surely I should call myself a complex person and then it's more of an achievement?)

:D xox

PS: Remember who was born first when calling me old and telling me I have a Condition haha

Naka said...

nice skirt ^^