Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My new "Do"

Right-o, so after the hairdressing competition my hair had to be shaved because it was...urm...can't really describe it...but it was coming out. Every time it got wet it turned into elastic (like spaghetti!) and I found it fascinating to pull clumps out. So pretty much shaving saved me from a self-inflicted bald spot.

I don't dislike my hair at the moment, in fact, its complementary to my features but it's not my thing. My clothes are vintage and a shaved head doesn't match. I've been using hats to soften the look, I will blog about "hat wearing" in another post. But here is a picture courtesy of Adrian from his '80s Glamour photo shoot.

The Glamour shoot was fun! I dressed up in a typical blue 80s ruffle dress, as well as a "David Bain" bat-wing jersey. They even managed to source a Donny Osmond jacket. It took a few hours and a lot of effort but it was so totally worth it....although I had the sorest muscles the next day. Wonder why?


Naka said...

i love the last photo ^^

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PS: When did u get the new URL? I'm so happy, I look so prafeshonal!