Thursday, 5 August 2010

Wanganui Chronicle

Woo-hoo! Nef was in the news paper recently! She was there to promote the Underground Youth Fashion show by providing photos and an interview about one of the outfits she's to enter. It's all very exciting, though Nef was less than ecstatic when she saw herself in the newspaper.

Nef provided the photo of the garment because she wanted the image to be perfect, despite this, they only provided a small spinet of the photo. However, the photo that the Chronicle took of her (much to her horror) was the largest image on the page. Have a giggle:

It was so weird because you'd think they'd put the image of the outfit up. We wonder if its because they weren't so keen to display a photo they didn't take themselves. Same for the web documentation by the Chronicle: they put the picture of her instead of the outfit on display.

Internet article (reference).

Who knows! Maybe we're just being unfair. Anyway, I'm so tired with preparation for the hair competition this Saturday I'm gonna have to terminate this post and go to bed. Talk to you later.


Samantha said...

3 posts at once! How am I to keep up? Thanks for showing the article - I missed it. When was that taken?!

I think your hair looks fantastic btw, I was staring at it the other day, I was that mesmerised... maybe it was the whole Mary Quant thing... hee hee.

Gonna watch those videos now. I'm so proud of u and Neffles. Winning competitions and gaining fame. Don't ignore me when you're super famous!

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