Thursday, 5 August 2010

Hair Competition

I've been busy with the hair competitions, as I said in my last post. I am a hair model for Head High and I love it! Though this is probably the last time I'll do outrageous colour because I'm finishing Uni this year and I might be getting a bit old...well, maybe not old but it requires so much work to keep it looking good. I'm so excited for my friend, I hope she does well, she's so anxious about it.

She's entering two categories. Me with the colour & cut and my Japanese friend "S" who's in the up-do category. I saw "S" yesterday at the hair dresser where they did a mock run. She looked amazing with her hair elaborately piled on her head and dressed in her kimono that was sent from Japan especially for the event. The style is supposed to be a modern interpretation of a Geisha hairstyle.

For me, I've already had the colour put in, but it will be cut on the day in front of the audience. They're going to remove 70% of the hair, which is cool though I'll miss my bob. Nonetheless, I wouldn't change anything, its been worth it for the fun and experience. Afterward I intend to do a photo shoot of the hair and outfits. I'll post the finished photos when I'm done.

Here's some photos of the colour:

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