Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Hair Competition Continued

Here are the photos I took after the Hair Competition. I love them! What happened was this: after the competition finished at midnight, we took a taxi to school and had a photo shoot in the studio at 1 in the morning. Needless to say I was so tired at work the next day.

I set up the lighting and took the white Agnes and Geisha photos and Stefanie took photos of me. Since this is my blog I've posted more of myself ^_^. Aren't I vain?

Anyway. My hair doesn't look so good now. In fact, when it gets wet I can just tug it and hunks fall out. *Sigh* I knew this would happen, the hairdresser warned me, but I feel pretty sad about it. I might go and get a full head shave and start again with virgin hair. Still, the photos were worth it!

I love these Geisha photos. They were my favorite to do and look at. She was one of the best models I've ever had. Everything about the event was worth it and fun.

Gotta go now, class starts in four minutes.

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