Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

First off, Fantastic Movie. I thought it had an excellent plot, it was filmed well and it kept me totally absorbed. I haven't read the book (because I'm lazy) but mum did say that most of the elements were retained so kudos to Søren Stærmose.

What I liked the most about this movie is that it wasn't sugar coated like American movies. I don't mean this in just a violence sense, but the characters weren't "perfected" as we see so often in blockbuster movies. Firstly, our male protagonist was Michael Blomkvist; in no way could be be considered handsome. Nonetheless, he appears more attractive as the movie progresses once we get to know his dedicated and honorable personality. He will never be like Hollywood stars, he looks just like any other man on the street and this adds to the plausibility of the movie.

Our heroine Lisbeth Salander is attractive, but I can still see her flaws. I can see the pores on her cheek, the very faint cellulite on her thighs but I like this. Why? Because it helps me connect with her as a person. These days I can't stand movies at the cinema because I always walk out wondering why everyone has to look so phenomenally good all the time.

The same applies when a movie comes out and the main actors turn out to be the usual red-carpet types like Angelina Jolie. When I know the sordid history of A-listers I can't stand them because they are so fake, cheap and soulless--all that matters to them is money. The mentality is Quantity opposed to Quality. My general thought on Hollywood/American actors is: incestuous. Why? Because they date/marry/divorce/and date again with eachothers husbands/wives/girlfriends/boyfriends. The fact that they've all been around the block half a dozen times just diminishes the respect I have for them. If they met people outside of their metaphoric gene pool (cesspool) then perhaps some would have happy relationship for once.

This is another point to Søren Stærmose because the actors are fresh, they are untainted by gossip or previous movies.

The next thing I liked was the reality. I could see myself easily interposed into their lifestyles, not the violent side mind you, but the general living aspect. However, I would never fit into the set of Gossip Girl. God help me if I were.
The plot was tight. I absolutely loved the twists and turns. It was complex and stimulating, yet it wasn't confusing nor was I bored by the quieter scenes. Pretty much disgraced journalist Michael Blomkvist is hired by the Vanger family to help solve a 40 year old mystery. What the Vanger family want to know is: what happened to Harriet Vanger who disappeared off their family island and is assumed dead? As Michael goes through old evidence and Harriet's belongings, he discovered that she was on an investigative mission herself which may have been the reason she went missing.

Harriet Vanger

Lisbeth Salander was hired to keep an eye on Michael and in the process becomes involved when she can't resist pointing out her interpretation of the clues. Michael tracks her down and convinces her to join and together, they uncover a whole multitude of answers that reveal how dark and twisted the Vanger family are. This is the bare bones of the story because there are minor plots in the background related to Lisbeth and her personal hell.

EDIT: I hear America is considering doing an english version. Freaking out. They've chosen Daniel Craig to play Michael. Noooo!


Samantha, Sam, Sammy, The She. said...

I didn't read this blog post in case of spoilers but I do want to see it. And the prequel/sequel - which comes first?

On the bus up to Hamilton the other day I couldn't help but stare at this freakishly beautiful girl who was sitting nearby. Not fake, but actually really beautiful. While I was considering if she was lesbian (she gave me that vibe? - I tell you a part of me actually hoped she was! Haha) I noticed she was reading the novel. I shall have to get it out sometime. Which do you suggest - book or movie?

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