Friday, 2 July 2010

Holidays = making people fat

Too much time has seen Stef and I spend heaps of money and way too many hours than is appropriate to create a baby card for someone we don't even know. We did it because dad asked nicely and it provided a cool challenge. We decided to use blue (cuz it's a boy) but add a retro vibe to the card. We even put a pop-up inside. And made an envelope...And made marshmallows.

Yes, we went way over the top for someone we've never even heard of before Tuesday. It was fun though.

The marshmallows are vanilla (blue) and orange (orange) flavour with toasted coconut. They were tasty, albeit, I'm not that fond of marshmallow.

I attempted a recipe from the new Frankie Magazine recipe book "Sweet Treats". I made the cherry balls with a slight twist, I added rum instead of copha and it was glorious! So tasty. They have coconut, glacé cherries and the rum (oh the rum!) then they were dipped in milk chocolate. They were devoured before they were even a day old. Poor babies.

I managed to save two though, which I decorated up and gave to my boss to cheer her up a bit. I'm becoming a domestic fiend.

Right-o. That's all for now.


Queen Samantha, the great said...

Heck! Wish I were more motivated to do things like this during my spare time! When I'm on holiday I waste no time BEING on holiday. I think like an academic - my work is not my hobby - although in our area it should be.
I'm just lazy.

The food looks good though.
*Silence as I stare pointedly at you in expectation of a reply such as "oh, sure Sam, I'll make some for you too"*
:) teehee.

I shall update soon. I swear, whenever I don't visit your blog you update non-stop!

Sammy said...

Hey.. how did you do the typography!?

Naka said...

such a cute box! :D i need to find more recipes!

Roger said...

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