Friday, 7 May 2010

I'm so lazy.

Kay, so I've been back from Australia nearly a week and I'm so damn lazy I can't be bothered doing anything. AGIdeas was wonderful! But it has just made me more confused about what to do. I've got to make a decision soon because mid-year is applying for hostels etc. and I don't want to miss out because I was disorganised.

But, all that aside, here are some pics from Melbourne. It's really a wonderful place. I found this cool tea shop called T2 which had really pretty products.

I so wanted to buy everything in that shop.

The city.

Cookies and cream iced coffee. It was tasty.

At the Central Mall. They built the whole place around this old building. A novel idea.

Just before we went into the ice bar. I was drinking a lychee martini. Unfortunately, we weren't able to take photos in the ice bar although my friend has promised to copy the ones he bought from the bar.
See mum! I wore my 21st key practically everywhere!

Flinders Street station early in the morning. We were off to see the dawn service for ANZAC Day.

These are amazing veterans. We asked for their photos and they were very happy for us to take some. The man in the middle is 95 years old and the guy on the right is 93! Pretty amazing.
There were so any beautiful cars on display.

I want this one!
Awesome graffiti art in China Town.
Buttermilk crepes wrapped around delicious pears with cinnamon. I nearly died and went to heaven they were sooooo good.

Stef had Eggs Benedict. They looked nice...but not as nice as mine!

Went to a genuine Belgium chocolate cafe called Choklait. I had a chocolate afagato. It was beautiful but by half way I found it a bit too rich. Gosh it was good.

On the first day lunch was provided by AGIdeas. It was presented really well in a card board lunch box. Inside the box, everything was nicely wrapped up. The food was smoked salmon with onion and anchovies with a potato salad and blanched beans. It was so incredibly mouth-watering.

At the Museum of printing. I got my name cast in lead type. I will do a separate post for the printing museum cuz I have a few videos.

Me "looking" intelligent at AGIdeas.

 We had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. I had a pork dish. This looks well presented and delicious, but when I bit into the meat it was all fat. I was quite irritated and it made me feel kinda sick. I don't want that again. On the other hand, I also ordered an Avocado smoothie---holy moly! It was good.

Went to a bar called E-Fifty-5. It had a whole Rastafarian vibe going on.

I just liked this wall. It was in the subway or something.

Well, that's about all for now.

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