Thursday, 20 May 2010

Busy day

Today was fun...sailed the W{h}anganui River on a cardboard boat --- quite literally. Our team was the Fugitives. I will post pictures when I get them. Anyway, we capsized twice, but not because our boat was flawed but we were ganged up on by all the boys in their cardboard boats. The river was cold but the big issue is that the river is really dirty. Got a mouthful. Probably swallowed a dead cow or something. Nonetheless, it was awesome. We rock Samantha!

School is difficult, mostly because I find it hard to get the work done. I find illustration and typography the most challenging, this is because I'm not that strong in either. Here is the spread I handed in for illustration. It is for an article called "Girls Behaving Badly" which is about how violent females are becoming in todays society.

It isn't bad, but it could be improved. I intended to get it done before I went to AGIdeas. I had all the vector graphics done but couldn't be bothered laying it out. Of course, giving it that final polish took hours because I just couldn't achieve balance. Important Note to everyone! Getting the layout perfect can take longer then producing the elements, therefore get it done when you have the time. This also applies to essays etc.

My brain is fried. I'm terminating this post. Over and out.


Samantha said...

WE ROCKED!!! Of course, you were the strength and brains behind it, I was just the excited one lol. We were awesome, we were the only girls who look up all those guys! (Note how Tanya and Danya were replaced by Floyd and Morgan).

You're REALLY GOOD at type and illustration. Remember, its the idea, not just the production of it. Make yourself enjoy it and you'll be sweet. Like sewing, I suck at it, but when you guys help me out and get me going I really get into it. You just need a kick in the right direction :)

Jay said...

Haha sounds like you guys had a cracking time, sweet!
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