Thursday, 1 April 2010


If someone were to ask me what to do with their wardrobe, I'd say: get scarves. Firstly they can doll up an outfit with barely any effort and a bonus is they are easy to pick up cheaply. In my opinion, scarves are an essential for any wardrobe.

My favorite types are vintage scarves. This is because they are brightly coloured and have retro prints. To get them, simply go through your nanna's wardrobe or trawl second hand shops. I got mine from the local Salvation Army. Keep in mind of price. They shouldn't cost more than $4 per scarf. Below are some of mine:

Even if your clothes are all black, these add a splash of colour and detail. If you have enough to wear a different one everyday it could become your "signature" piece. Here are a few ways to wear your scarves:

You can also wear them in your hair, on your arm, belt, handbag, jacket...and so on.

Now you can see how a scarf is one of the most universal accessories. Here is how I wear them:

They add a nice finishing touch to outfits. On a final note, before I finish, square scarves make awesome halter neck tops.
All you need to do is secure two corners behind your neck with a decorative brooch and then secure the bottom two at the base of your spine. Voila! A easy halter which is ten times better then what you get at a store. Honest.


Samantha said...

Good post! Love the photos. Where is your following? I'm going to blog about you so you can get some!!!

:) :) :)

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