Monday, 19 April 2010

21...I'm concerned...

6th April was my birthday, I'm now 21 and more disturbed than happy. Pretty much this is my last significant birthday as a young person. After this it's all down hill. Stef and I forwent a flashy 21st party, instead we decided to put the party money into the AGIdeas conference in Melbourne. We leave this Friday! I'm so bloody excited. I've saved up as much money as I can working at the cafe so, safe to say, I won't be a complete cheap-o in Australia.

Thank you mum and dad for giving Stef and I this opportunity. Thank you Samantha and Lily for taking me out for lunch! Thanks Sam for the beautiful necklace. You got my personality dead-on with that necklace! Thanks Savannah for...well being you---and the taxi money!

Anyway, here is some of the recent work I handed in for CGD. It's the Proust assignment, where you get a question and you have to visually answer it under time restriction. I decided to use photography and my large wardrobe to illustrate my answers.

I dragged Stef to the supermarket late at night and forced her to take these photos. She wasn't impressed and grumbled the whole way through about how we were going to be kicked out of the store. She is such a worrier it's quite disgusting. Hope I'm not like that. This is the photo I used for my new blog look. I love that dress *sigh* only problem is I made it a few years ago when I was less experienced and it's majorly flawed inside. Let's just say its purely for looking pretty.

I confess! I am a complete homemaker I like my nest! But don't confuse me for Martha Stuart *cringe*. I'm taking this dress to Australia to me. It's made from a vintage-looking floral fabric I picked up for $4.50 a meter.

Doesn't spillages wreck the day for you? It can absolutely send me into depression. As a kid a bird pooed on my sleeve. I wanted to die. A bit dramatic but I was a sensitive child and it was a real trauma. Still remember it. Dress is a late 80's gown with sweet heart neckline made my my mum. Doesn't quite fit right because she was bigger than me but if I puff my chest it stays up.

I love Love LOVE glitter! Anything shiny would do. The dress in picture is one of my BEST second hand finds. Got it for $20.00 a few years ago. It is a little black dress in every form of the definition: adaptable for any occasion and non-wrinklable so it can be scrunched up and still look beautiful. An added bonus for me is the vintage style. It has been used in numerous photo shoots and Twinkles is liable to be shot if I find her curled up in it again!

I despise tardiness. Dad and Savannah are the worst for it and they drive me completely mad! Dress is the sister to the previous black one as I'm 100% sure they were made by the same person. Isn't as perfect as the black one but it has been used in many photo shoots and for emergencies. Doesn't fit me well which is a bummer, I need two people to squeeze me in.

Normally I don't need to be center of attention, but at balls I NEED to be the best dressed gal. As a (snobbish) rule I never wear the same dress twice which means I don't have a lot of closet space left and my mum thinks I'm nuts. This dress I imported from the USA and it suits my colouring perfectly. An awesome feature is that you don't have to be a perfect size to fit it because it isn't meant to be formfitting.

Anyway, that's enough of my ramblings. I'm going to bed. I might post something else before I leave for Melbourne. I'm going to try damn hard to update while I'm over there so that everyone who's missing out on AGIdeas get a taste of what we are up to.

By the way, this is also my 101st post.


Samantha said...

Your 101st post!? WOW!

Hope you're having a blast in Melbourne - do tell all! It must be better being there than here worrying about work like me. I haven't done anything so I'm glad I'm not in Melbourne!!

It was no problem with the gift. I feel bad that I didn't get Stef anything that exciting. She's so hard to buy for, and here I was thinking she'd be easy!

Anonymous said...

I join. All above told the truth. Let's discuss this question.

Mara said...

You have amazing dresses. I want to come raid your closet. :D I love the photos, too. (And your blog header, have I said that? It's one of my all-time-favorite headers.)

Jay said...

Wow I hope you're having a great time as well, sounds like you had a great birthday!
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