Thursday, 4 March 2010


I have a feeling that I love my cat a bit too much. It's just that she is so adorable, cuddly and fluffy!

Wow. Those were astute comments.

I only just realised how bad my Twinkles obsession is when I encountered some babies who, despite being adorably cute, can't match Twinkles. Though I have to say for the Baby side they won't attack you when they've reached their irritation quota. Twinkles has a bit too much spunk (a.k.a violence) for me to ever comfortably lose myself in cuddling.

Another con with Twinkles is she gets a bit fishy after dinner as her favorite food is Whiskers "Oh So Fishy". Yeah. Like title suggests, it's Oh So Damn Fishy. Yuck.

Twinkles does all of her volunteer sleeping on my bed. The rest of the time Stef forces Twinkles to sleep on her bed. I don't take her choosing my bed as a compliment because it is the best cat napping place. Sometimes I wonder if Twinkles cares for anyone but herself...dumb cat.

She honestly likes to sleep like this.

Snail Rider!
We got Twinkles Flea treatment and worm pills at the vet. While we were there, we saw a great collar with diamantes (you can't see them in this picture). Anyway, we also noticed that they were doing on-site name engraving so we totally got something made up for Twinky. We chose the heart because she looks stunning in pink and, to me and Stef she is our "baby". Needless to say we spent about $80.00 on medical supplies and her accessories. Pets will never be cheap.

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Sammy said...

Sometimes I wish Twinkles were my cat too. I love that Thriller photo! heh heh

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