Monday, 15 March 2010

Random photos

Yesterday was a terrific sunset as I waited for Stef to finish at the library. I took the photos on my phone so they don't do it any justice...however, I thought I'd put them here so I'd remember it.

And here are more photos cramming my phone taken a few months ago when spring made the cherry trees blossom. They were so beautiful.


Samantha said...

Photos never catch the true beauty of a sunset.

Cherry Blosson trees? That's so last spring. Haha. Wish it were spring now :( Although Autumn is going to be beautiful.

Everyone in my family raves on about how amazing Katherine Hepburn is (3 time oscar winner?) and yet I still dont recall seeing her in a movie. I should really do so, if she's that well thought of.


Anonymous said...

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reveal928 said...
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reveal928 said...

Great photos, I thought they really captured the beauty of the sunset.
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