Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Uni Trends

Finally, we're back at University! I was twiddling my thumbs at the end of the three months. Shocking, I know! How could a holiday become a burden? Easy: each day passes and I know I haven't done anything. At least I managed to construct a new wardrobe. I've made five dresses, two pairs of pants, two skirts and a tulle petticoat. While I was in Brisbane I managed to pick up a few bargain pieces so I am quite excited to try wearing everything.

I had my hair done, my hairdresser did an awesome amazing job. When I realised a man was doing my hair I got nervous because the last man did a rather boring job that didn't elicit any excitement. But he was soooo good and completely understood what I wanted and even drew little pictures so we were both clear about our goal. My stipulations were a short severe bob that was green. It turned out better than I expected, so I'm going to request him next time I'm there.

Thank you Aunty Waltraud and Uncle Felix for checking out my blog. I will take your star sign advice and choose hot colours next time I go to the hair dresser. Also, look close in the photos--I'm wearing the stilettos that you gave me when the family were in Germany!

Heram pants are awesome for this summer. They came into fashion last year, but usually they are sold in a stretch cotton and muted colours. I made myself a pair as seen in the photo above. I purchased a KWIK SEW Pattern (#3701 find it here) and used a brightly coloured stretch satin that Lily got for me from Singapore. The pattern is relatively straight forward, though I did have difficulty understanding how the pockets were done. The effort is worth it though! Paired with a simple tank top and headband it conveys a artsy ethnic look.

TIP: when wearing potentially fattening pants wear a high pair of heels. Stilettos will lengthen your legs while putting emphasis on the delicateness of your ankles.

It was awesome to hook up with the "cronies" and find out what they'd been up to in the hols. Samantha looked sweet 'n' sassy especially after her hair cut. She's throwing off Twiggy vibes.

Thank you Wiggs for the 80's glasses! I almost passed out from excitement when I got them back from the optician with my prescription. I love the chic geek look and have wanted a pair for ages.

Nef and I. Nuff said ^_^.

So anyway. That concludes this post. I'm so happy to be back! I missed everyone over Xmas! I will post again very soon because I have a Saint Patricks Day idea I want to share.

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Samantha said...

Yus! It's me!! I have to post the pics myself still...

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