Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ode to Sam

I'm blogging because Samantha asked me to. Truthfully, I haven't got much to report----I made Beef Wellingtons the other night! Fascinating, I know.

I'm just oodles of fun.

I've got plenty of hours at work so that keeps me content. I think I have an "Over Importance Complex" if that exists. Either that or I'm suffering from "damn, I feel old", a condition brought on from severe Déjà vu and having real difficulties remembering the new staff names. That sentence sounds weird and I can't figure out (be bothered finding) what's wrong with it. Meh, must be another symptom of my condition. Figure it out yourself Sam, you're a bright girl.

The Coffee Doctor's Assistant came in today and gave my Baby a fix up. He said we'll have to get a big overhaul in a few months. We've decided sometime after Easter, then they'll take our machine and loan us one of theirs. Exciting times. The machine will get new guts (for lack of a better word Sam---I'm not a mechanic) so that the next wave of bright young baristas will have something to destroy for the year. You've never seen a more violent bunch than our latest lot. It must be a new trade secret or something, which is immensely hurtful.

Sam, be honest, do you think I should know this secret? Perhaps it gives the espresso more kick? What do I know! Everyone's a critic these days! Even the dish boy is giving me advice. What is the world coming to!!! I'm using multiple exclamation marks, which is a violation of good punctuation!!!!!!!!

Subject change.

I've done some sewing.

You'll hate my new pants Sam.

They're a combination of Hippie/Woodstock Heram pants.

It's your job to spot when I wear them.

I also made a dress Sam.

You'll like it. It's feminine with blue flowers and a slight 50's feel.

It's your job to spot when I wear it.

Here's a song for you:

Good night Sammy and sweet dreams to you.


Sammy said...


I'm sure I checked your site recently but I've just spotted this blog entry.

You scare me! I was actually looking up and around everytime you said my name.

No, this entry was lovely, and I read it with enthusiasm (however, I didn't understand some of the things you were going on about. Too much caffeine I think. Or that "old person" syndrome kicking in).

I love that photo. Is that Savannah?

You know what, I've been meaning to do this for a while.. I was only going to ask you and stef later, but I'll ask now because I like you so much right now.. BUT I want to have a photoshoot of you and stef for my blog. Just to show how trendy and fashionably cool you are (therefore how trendy and fashionably cool I am to have friends who are so trendy and fashionably cool). LIKE? But it'll have to be in february. yey!

Oh and you can be a bridesmaid, but not stef. Unless she dyes her hair plain. I dont want her to steal my thunder and glory baha.

Sammy said...

PS: I look forward to spotting your pants and dress. Mind you, I haven't hated anything you've worn so far. As for Stef...


And I'm liking that song. It'll forever remind me of you. :)

Sammy said...

PPS: (Sorry! Again!)


I've been dying to try some stuff, (ie, bags, toys and re-hemming a dress) but without a job atm, I'm trying not to spend too much money.