Friday, 8 January 2010

Holiday Photos

Brisbane near Marque Hotel.

The Marque Hotel. This is our room.

Old Buildings.

Statue at Botanical Garden.

Lily pads at Botanical Garden.

Lizard thing. Savannah says it's a Water Dragon.

Look hard. You'll see an eel.

Breakfast at "Perfect Pancakes" a restaurant in a church!

Weird Tree.

City Scape from Anzac commemorative gardens.

From the Brisbane Museum. I just liked these photos.

Having food at restaurant called "East" Down Queen Street.

We all had Thai Boat curry. It was yum!

I liked these Balls. They changed colours and they were all over the city square.

Tiramasu dessert from "The Coffee Club".

The Marina Shores Resort down the Gold Coast. It was so nice.

Brisbane has loads of these flowers in many colours.

Wallaby! Isn't it sweet?

Yes. We tried Crocodile meat. I have to say, its really chewy.

Dressed up to see the Dracula Cabaret.

Mocca coffee from the surf club.

Waffles from the surf club. They were so yum!

Ice Cream.

Brisbane view from Resort.

Sunburn! I'm so angry with myself. I sat for twenty minutes on a covered deck and still got toasted!

Went to Japanese restaurant. It was good. Savannah is absolutely awful with chop sticks.

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Sammy said...

WOW! Your holiday looks and sounds amazing!!! expensive. Haha, it looks like you had a wicked time - I can't believe u even managed to do a coffee course haha. You might as well ditch design and open your own coffee shop. I'll bet it'd be all the rage.

Oh, and boy does that food look really really good!!

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