Sunday, 10 January 2010

And life continues...

Everything has pretty much resumed as always---which is not a bad thing. I went to work today. It was busy but okay. In three weeks we've lost three staff and gained another five (there could be more for all I know).

Savannah is at bagpipe camp in Christchurch. Such a random idea, isn't it? Bagpipe camp; huh.

Mum and dad went on their "Suprise Holiday" which turned out to be Christchurch too, so they're going to surprise Savannah.

Stef is messing around at home with me. We spend most of the time babying the cat and poking though the pantry convincing ourselves we don't have to go grocery shopping.

And Twinkles has fleas! My legs are covered in scabs from scratching constantly. We've treated her and now we have to vacuum every room, everyday to get rid of the buggers living in the carpet.

Despite this, life isn't bad :) I'm quite happy to be pottering in my own territory.


Anonymous said...

i am sorry to bother you on this site. i have a couple queaations about your stories on fanfiction. if you could e-mail me back at i hope to hear from you soon. thanks Silverdestiny

Sammy said...

Oh no, I "retired" from Farmers at the end of December! I'm just bumming around these days. UPDATE UR BLOG! haha