Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Stagnant moments.

(of a body of water or the atmosphere of a confined space) having no current or flow and often having an unpleasant smell as a consequence : a stagnant ditch.
(New Oxford American Dictionary)

That seems the definition of how I feel at the moment.
Everything has paused and I am wading in a bottomless pool.
I am getting tired of this status quo: get up, work, home, bed, get up, work, home, bed, get up...
I can't wait until the term starts again.

Stef and I went to town with A to organise our accommodation in Melbourne. We've decided on the Victoria Hotel. Tomorrow Stef will go confirm our reservation and put down a deposit. That's another thing completed on the list.

Plane tickets DONE
Accommodation DONE
AGIdeas Tickets PENDING

I'm excited about this event and going overseas, yet I have an edge of nervousness. My safety mechanism keeps informing me that it's a long way from home if anything happens. Nonetheless, this concern is fairly minimal considering Australia isn't too far away and also I have familiar company. Still...

I have been doing some crafts, though its hard to do work when the family keep silently thinking "what an idiot". They say they're not laughing or thinking those thoughts, but I've seen them making "eyes" at one another whenever I unveil a new idea.

I am beginning to realise that perhaps my "cool awesome etc" ideas might only be held by myself. Disappointing but not unrealistic. Even Savannah said my mottled stars were juvenile and she is practically the epitome of that word.

I'm pointlessly rambling again. I was going to blog about a visual recipe of crème brûlée I made the other day, but I'm too tired to unload my camera etc. Another day then.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Made some cupcakes with a new recipe that is better than the last. They were yum, however you know when you make something you don't feel as inclined to eat them? Yeah, well. I kinda feel like that which is a shame. Never mind. At least they're pretty!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ode to Sam

I'm blogging because Samantha asked me to. Truthfully, I haven't got much to report----I made Beef Wellingtons the other night! Fascinating, I know.

I'm just oodles of fun.

I've got plenty of hours at work so that keeps me content. I think I have an "Over Importance Complex" if that exists. Either that or I'm suffering from "damn, I feel old", a condition brought on from severe Déjà vu and having real difficulties remembering the new staff names. That sentence sounds weird and I can't figure out (be bothered finding) what's wrong with it. Meh, must be another symptom of my condition. Figure it out yourself Sam, you're a bright girl.

The Coffee Doctor's Assistant came in today and gave my Baby a fix up. He said we'll have to get a big overhaul in a few months. We've decided sometime after Easter, then they'll take our machine and loan us one of theirs. Exciting times. The machine will get new guts (for lack of a better word Sam---I'm not a mechanic) so that the next wave of bright young baristas will have something to destroy for the year. You've never seen a more violent bunch than our latest lot. It must be a new trade secret or something, which is immensely hurtful.

Sam, be honest, do you think I should know this secret? Perhaps it gives the espresso more kick? What do I know! Everyone's a critic these days! Even the dish boy is giving me advice. What is the world coming to!!! I'm using multiple exclamation marks, which is a violation of good punctuation!!!!!!!!

Subject change.

I've done some sewing.

You'll hate my new pants Sam.

They're a combination of Hippie/Woodstock Heram pants.

It's your job to spot when I wear them.

I also made a dress Sam.

You'll like it. It's feminine with blue flowers and a slight 50's feel.

It's your job to spot when I wear it.

Here's a song for you:

Good night Sammy and sweet dreams to you.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

And life continues...

Everything has pretty much resumed as always---which is not a bad thing. I went to work today. It was busy but okay. In three weeks we've lost three staff and gained another five (there could be more for all I know).

Savannah is at bagpipe camp in Christchurch. Such a random idea, isn't it? Bagpipe camp; huh.

Mum and dad went on their "Suprise Holiday" which turned out to be Christchurch too, so they're going to surprise Savannah.

Stef is messing around at home with me. We spend most of the time babying the cat and poking though the pantry convincing ourselves we don't have to go grocery shopping.

And Twinkles has fleas! My legs are covered in scabs from scratching constantly. We've treated her and now we have to vacuum every room, everyday to get rid of the buggers living in the carpet.

Despite this, life isn't bad :) I'm quite happy to be pottering in my own territory.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Holiday Photos

Brisbane near Marque Hotel.

The Marque Hotel. This is our room.

Old Buildings.

Statue at Botanical Garden.

Lily pads at Botanical Garden.

Lizard thing. Savannah says it's a Water Dragon.

Look hard. You'll see an eel.

Breakfast at "Perfect Pancakes" a restaurant in a church!

Weird Tree.

City Scape from Anzac commemorative gardens.

From the Brisbane Museum. I just liked these photos.

Having food at restaurant called "East" Down Queen Street.

We all had Thai Boat curry. It was yum!

I liked these Balls. They changed colours and they were all over the city square.

Tiramasu dessert from "The Coffee Club".

The Marina Shores Resort down the Gold Coast. It was so nice.

Brisbane has loads of these flowers in many colours.

Wallaby! Isn't it sweet?

Yes. We tried Crocodile meat. I have to say, its really chewy.

Dressed up to see the Dracula Cabaret.

Mocca coffee from the surf club.

Waffles from the surf club. They were so yum!

Ice Cream.

Brisbane view from Resort.

Sunburn! I'm so angry with myself. I sat for twenty minutes on a covered deck and still got toasted!

Went to Japanese restaurant. It was good. Savannah is absolutely awful with chop sticks.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

I went to the Brisbane Coffee School today and I did a workshop in Latte Art---I'm so excited about trying some at the cafe!

I also have a nifty new certificate to put with my other Barista and Food Safety cert! Woo hoo!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

At the Ibis hotel in Brisbane at the moment. I love this city.

New Years Resolution: Stop biting my nails. I really want pretty fingers again.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's hope everyone has a brilliant 2010!