Saturday, 12 December 2009


Zombieland is rated R16 but is a comedy--I have to say, as much as I found some bits amusing, I was mostly horrified. I spent most of the time with fingers blocking my ears as I peeked out from my eyelashes. It was gruesome and had some shock moments. I'd give it two stars out of five. Mostly because the whole idea was cliche, but bearing in mind, the movie isn't made for its "quality" but blood and gore content. The only thing that made it original was the main character's "Zombie Killing Rules" which were amusing.

Speaking of Zombies, now that I've watched the movie, I reckon I met one yesterday. He was a man aged 65 - 70 years old with only one front tooth left. I met him first at Trafalgar square. Here's the general convo (I had difficulty understanding him because he only had one front tooth):

ZOMBIEMAN: Nice hat! I'm (insert name which I can't remember). *shake hands*
ME: Thank you.
ZOMBIEMAN: It's New York.
ME: Um. Thanks?
ZOMBIEMAN: What are you doing this year?
ME: Oh, I'm going to Australia for a holiday.
ZOMBIEMAN: That's nice. I went here in the 60's.
ME: Yeah. I'm looking forward to it.
ZOMBIE MAN: Have fun. God Bless.

Then later while dad and I were in town we spotted him again. This time he had his shirt undone (because it was hot) showing everyone his old man chest. Not the most desirable site I can assure you.

ZOMBIEMAN: Hey its you again! New York!
ME: Hi...
ZOMBIEMAN: Got your Vodka yet?
ZOMBIEMAN: Too hot to make love.
ME: [No comment]

And then he just walks on. Dad looked at ME weird and asked me how I knew that strange man. AS IF I KNOW! Weird men always turn up when I'm around.


Sammy said...

Omigoodness! What a weirdo!!!

He's certainly senile!

Hope you're enjoying Australia! said...

ohhh can't wait to see this! Yes yes yes!
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