Tuesday, 29 December 2009

So hotttttt

The weather here is 35 degrees ++++++ and so humid. I'm not used to this heat. Never mind. Aside from that, I'm having heaps of fun and spending lots of $$$ --- I'll be broke at this rate!

We travelled from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast. Both are beautiful in their own ways.

Went to Ginger World, The Big Pineapple and the Macadamia Farm yesterday. Today we went shopping -- I now have PILES of beautiful and vibrant makeup. Hooray for me! Dad is genuinely perplexed by the sheer amount each of us has purchased. I guess he'll never understand, but at least he doesn't mention it more than once. Mum told him the good ol' adage: "To each their own". Does he need to contemplate why Stef needs another pair of shoes? No. You're only young once.

Tomorrow we might go to Australia's zoo. Stef, Van and Dad attempted to go today but they were a bit late and it was chock full of people wanting to torment--I mean view the poor animals. I'm not looking forward to it as I'll be probably dragged along.

We'll be returning to Brisbane on Friday for another four days before we return back home. I love Brisbane!

Enough rambling now! I'm planning on going swimming tonight. Can't wait!

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