Friday, 11 December 2009

A Hole In My Heart

Baked a cake was a massive failure. I totally underestimated the cooking time and the filling poured out when I removed it from the tin. Thankfully, the other cake went back in the oven and cooked beautifully---only to break when I was removing it from the tin! Stef and Van tell me that it is a lovely cake--moist and soft--despite the less than appealing appearance.

Also found good ol' Twinkles nesting in my tulle underskirt for my Comix dress. Wasn't impressed but she did look cute.

I've also been getting ready for Xmas with cards, gifts and wrapping. I took some photos so I could flaunt what an amazing wrapper I am.

Also made my own Christmas Cards. I used a little angel picture from an old 1950's magazine. They're tiny cards: 13 cm x 10.5 cm and come in matching tiny envelopes! I know its slightly disturbing how "into" I get with stationary etc.

This is while they were drying after I applied glitter----I love glitter.

Aren't they cute. Anyway, gotta finish this post quickly I've been forced to go to the movies to watch "Zombieland". Bah! My mum is so evil.

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