Tuesday, 29 December 2009

So hotttttt

The weather here is 35 degrees ++++++ and so humid. I'm not used to this heat. Never mind. Aside from that, I'm having heaps of fun and spending lots of $$$ --- I'll be broke at this rate!

We travelled from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast. Both are beautiful in their own ways.

Went to Ginger World, The Big Pineapple and the Macadamia Farm yesterday. Today we went shopping -- I now have PILES of beautiful and vibrant makeup. Hooray for me! Dad is genuinely perplexed by the sheer amount each of us has purchased. I guess he'll never understand, but at least he doesn't mention it more than once. Mum told him the good ol' adage: "To each their own". Does he need to contemplate why Stef needs another pair of shoes? No. You're only young once.

Tomorrow we might go to Australia's zoo. Stef, Van and Dad attempted to go today but they were a bit late and it was chock full of people wanting to torment--I mean view the poor animals. I'm not looking forward to it as I'll be probably dragged along.

We'll be returning to Brisbane on Friday for another four days before we return back home. I love Brisbane!

Enough rambling now! I'm planning on going swimming tonight. Can't wait!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Happy Christmas eve

Wishes going out from me for everyone to have an AWESOME Xmas and New Year. Australia is great, really really hot, but I'm enjoying the beach and the shopping. I wish I could post a picture but the PC at the resort isn't very good so I won't. Besides I only have 17 minutes left. Anyway, that's all I can be really bothered blogging about.

Merry Xmas again!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Saturday, 12 December 2009


Zombieland is rated R16 but is a comedy--I have to say, as much as I found some bits amusing, I was mostly horrified. I spent most of the time with fingers blocking my ears as I peeked out from my eyelashes. It was gruesome and had some shock moments. I'd give it two stars out of five. Mostly because the whole idea was cliche, but bearing in mind, the movie isn't made for its "quality" but blood and gore content. The only thing that made it original was the main character's "Zombie Killing Rules" which were amusing.

Speaking of Zombies, now that I've watched the movie, I reckon I met one yesterday. He was a man aged 65 - 70 years old with only one front tooth left. I met him first at Trafalgar square. Here's the general convo (I had difficulty understanding him because he only had one front tooth):

ZOMBIEMAN: Nice hat! I'm (insert name which I can't remember). *shake hands*
ME: Thank you.
ZOMBIEMAN: It's New York.
ME: Um. Thanks?
ZOMBIEMAN: What are you doing this year?
ME: Oh, I'm going to Australia for a holiday.
ZOMBIEMAN: That's nice. I went here in the 60's.
ME: Yeah. I'm looking forward to it.
ZOMBIE MAN: Have fun. God Bless.

Then later while dad and I were in town we spotted him again. This time he had his shirt undone (because it was hot) showing everyone his old man chest. Not the most desirable site I can assure you.

ZOMBIEMAN: Hey its you again! New York!
ME: Hi...
ZOMBIEMAN: Got your Vodka yet?
ZOMBIEMAN: Too hot to make love.
ME: [No comment]

And then he just walks on. Dad looked at ME weird and asked me how I knew that strange man. AS IF I KNOW! Weird men always turn up when I'm around.

Friday, 11 December 2009

A Hole In My Heart

Baked a cake was a massive failure. I totally underestimated the cooking time and the filling poured out when I removed it from the tin. Thankfully, the other cake went back in the oven and cooked beautifully---only to break when I was removing it from the tin! Stef and Van tell me that it is a lovely cake--moist and soft--despite the less than appealing appearance.

Also found good ol' Twinkles nesting in my tulle underskirt for my Comix dress. Wasn't impressed but she did look cute.

I've also been getting ready for Xmas with cards, gifts and wrapping. I took some photos so I could flaunt what an amazing wrapper I am.

Also made my own Christmas Cards. I used a little angel picture from an old 1950's magazine. They're tiny cards: 13 cm x 10.5 cm and come in matching tiny envelopes! I know its slightly disturbing how "into" I get with stationary etc.

This is while they were drying after I applied glitter----I love glitter.

Aren't they cute. Anyway, gotta finish this post quickly I've been forced to go to the movies to watch "Zombieland". Bah! My mum is so evil.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


I feel grumpy and disgruntled. I don't even have a explainable reason behind my mood. In analysing my feelings I've come to a few conclusions:

1. Everyone else is grumpy and whiny.
2. I'm either at home or at work.
3. I have lots to finish before going to Australia.
4. I've eaten all my nails and might not have any fingers left by the new year.

I hope my mood improves.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Does it make me a dork that I'm updating this blog everyday?


Actually, don't answer that question...

Went to the third year's graduation today--Stef and I were volunteered by a certain blonde girl who we won't name (Sammy ^_~). It was pleasant. We just had to supervise while they were at the Opera House getting their degrees. I just sat at the Havoc Kiosk and cut out new signage for the cafe. Woo hoo, that's one job finito before we jump the ditch. Now, only a few additional problems to solve the predominant being a really bad caffeine addiction.

I'm not joking. I had five espresso's before midday: latte (breakfast), short black (espresso test), latte (lunch), slopped flat white (un-serviceable failure) and another flat white (made by the new girl I was training). I love being a coffee guinea pig, but I come home shaking like I'm performing "Jitter Bug" by T-Rex---that, or quite possibly the "Time Warp" from the Rocky Horror Show. Then I drink piles of tea on top of it all.

So, the root of the problem is coffee and tea taste so good and that herbal junk like Green Tea a.k.a stewed broccoli water, just doesn't hit the spot. Can you blame me?

Anyway, after the ceremony finished people returned to the Atrium and there was a snack feast, where everyone poked their fingers into cakes etc. They culinary department did a good job, they had these delicious cup cakes with raspberries and white chocolate. Yum. Can't wait for this time next year. I will have completed the basic degree and will be free to roam or not roam in the quest for greatness. I hope that I can go over seas and do an honors or masters or whatever addition at another art school. That would be fabby. I should research my options.

Alternatively, I could go to Italy and get an apprenticeship as a Barista. The options are endless...

Moving on, I found the "Meet Me Halfway" official video from the Black Eyed Peas on YouTube. I really like the beauty and interest of their video. It's avant-guarde but modern as well. I really like their outfits and the guy riding the elephant.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Berry Muffins

Made mixed berry muffins today. Yum. These are less pretty but they taste amazing simply dusted with icing sugar.