Sunday, 22 November 2009


Okay, I didn't post the results of the 2009 competition because I was quite stunned and determined not to think about it until the year at CGD finished. I did really really well--in fact the best I've ever done. Here are the categories I won:

"Tha Street" -- 3rd

Garment Name: Halftone

It was inspired by an old piece of fabric I had with a gradient. I saved it for years for the "perfect" moment. It is a summery retro piece that comes with a checkered caplet.

Prizes: Bilabong handbag & wallet, $50.00 Cheapskates Voucher, two Cinema Vouchers,$20.00 iTunes card.

Next was the "Something Old Something New" Category -- which I won! It was such a surprise because I didn't think my craft in the garment was very good. Obviously they weren't looking at the sewing but the visual impact. It looked so awesome on the runway *sigh*.

"Something Old Something New" -- 1st place

Garment Name: Blue Moon (a.k.a Glamazon)

This was made from a old, over sized dress from the retro section of a second hand shop. I bought it for $9.99. I reduced the size, maintaining the sweetheart neckline, and cut slashes which I beaded with long bugal beads. It doesn't look nice in these photos, but it looks like dynamite on a model.

Prizes: DVD Player & MP3 player, Roxy Luggage and Makeup bag, Chonel Hair & Body Spa Voucher, Cheapsakes Goodie Bag. Also a really neat glass trophy that we get to keep!

The next category was also a surprise. I expected another dress of mine to do better.

"Evening Trendz" -- 1st

Garment Name: Nouveau

The gown was made from a nouveau inspired satin. I made the chain neck piece, which was expensive and difficult to produce but the effort was worth it. This is not the best photo and the dress has taken a little battering from the runway so keep that in mind.

Fuji Swim n Shoot Camera + case, MP3 Player, Roxy Luggage and Makeup bag, Chonel Hair & Body Spa voucher, Cheapskates Goodie Bag.

Finally, I got Whanganui UCOL "Most Promising Designer Award", which included a $1000 scholarship. Woo hoo! Makes next years fees a little easier.

Thank you so much UNDERGROUND for this opportunity and all the amazing prizes. Thank you all the sponsors too! This inclues:
A special thanks to Chonel Hair & Body Spa, Pub Charity, Cheapskates, Dick Smith Electronics, Ministry of Youth Development, UCOL, Embassy 3 who donated the awesome prizes I received. Thank you!

And Finally, thank you Jo McDonald & Kirsty Simpson who were the coordinators. You did a stellar job.


Sammy said...

OMIGOODNESS I'VE ONLY JUST SEEN THIS POST!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You've done an impressive job! How did your sister's go?!?

Lookat all the gadgets and gizmos you got. Lucky you! But all well deserved tho :)

Jay said...

Well done and congratulations! Hope everything goes well!
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