Thursday, 19 November 2009


Well, it appears to me that people have no understanding on internet language. Just because you can't see a person, doesn't make you infallible or give the right to abuse the person. It certainly doesn't make you look powerful, it just comes off as juvenile. I'll give you an example:

I recently purchased a product off the internet. The seller sent me a glowing report on my quick payment. Their product, however, was poor and my feedback response reflected this. Instead of being fair (especially since I didn't ask for a refund), they changed their feedback on me to a negative response and refuse to change it until I changed mine. To me, that seems childish to try and extort a better response. That would also be a lie. I abhor liars, this is why I am maintaining my stance and not removing my comment even though he drags my rating down. Its the principle behind it. What's more, he used capital letters in his comment, which is not netiquettely polite. If anything, it diminishes the effect of a rational negotiation.

So, I have decided to post Five Golden Rules For The Internet

  1. Text language abbreviations, especially those that defy logic. Eg. Like >> Lyke.
  2. No capitals at the start of sentences, as well as no basic devices inserted anywhere. Eg. im mary. ive got a dog called sue.
  3. Use of capital letters to express anger or excitement. Eg. THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPED OVER THE LAZY DOG.
  4. Exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You only need one!
  5. No paragraphs. A chunk of text is often skipped because it is too difficult to read.
Right, well I hope that helps people to understand basic internet courtesy. Please use it!

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