Monday, 30 November 2009

Espresso Photos

I took these photos for a "Espresso Guide" I'm working on. I'm going to give it to all the new people because I feel they need a visual guide to coffee.

Long Black. Double shot espresso dropped on hot water.

Mochaccino. Espresso with chocolate foam.

Latte. Espresso in a glass with medium textured milk.

Fluffy. Heavily foamed milk topped with chocolate, 100 & 1000's and marshmallow.

Flat White. Lightly textured milk with espresso.

Cuppuccino. Heavily textured milk on espresso, topped with chocolate or cinnamon.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Wasting time with Twinkles

Just come back from work. It was an okay day.

I decided to try tinkering with this new FinePix camera. Everything is a-okay, though downloading from camera to MAC is difficult. There must be an easier way. Anyway, here are some pics I took of Twinkles.

Poor clovers were shredded by the time she was finished.

Twinkle's has such pretty pale green eyes. Photo doesn't do her justice really. Makes up for her rather mundane coat.

She adores attacking these flowers, only problem is she attacks dads bonsai's which is really, really bad. He bought her a scratching pole, but apparently fuchsia trees are way more scratch-able.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Don't judge me

Okay, so I completely erupted like Swine Flu into dancing. My dancing is quite ridiculous and quite possibly lethal. Watch with caution--Parental Guidance would be advisable--content is traumatising.

Please don't ask why Janet Jackson's song is playing. I have no idea what was going through Lily's head. I attribute it to another wild relapse in OD (over-designing).

Hell, the whole craziness is attributed to ODing.

Summer in full swing

Poo. The Fashion in the Field at the race course was canceled. I'm so disappointed. I had everything sorted: dress, shoes, gloves, hair dressing & makeup appointments--all for nothing. Never mind...maybe next year.

Went to work today. One of the girls has apparently slipped a disk, so I'm taking over all her hours. Contrary to what most people think, this is good. I've got a list of things to save for.

  1. Twinkle's accommodation at the cattery during our holiday. As much as I hate the idea of her being dumped there, I know she doesn't love me--all her affection stems from her fickle appetite and her love of my bed. So really, I shouldn't feel guilty. Damn cat.
  2. New lenses. I have two new pairs of vintage glasses. One of them are a real rad pair from the eighties. They're large and pink---very chic geek.
  3. AGIdeas conference in Australia.
  4. Money for next years classes.

Anyway, the day was pretty uneventful. At least there was no difficult customers.

Right now, I'm totally slumped out surfing YouTube. I love this song by Little Boots. The video is pretty and she makes a change from the usual American stuff---I get so tired of boobs and arse flashing up on screen all the time.

Sunday, 22 November 2009


Okay, I didn't post the results of the 2009 competition because I was quite stunned and determined not to think about it until the year at CGD finished. I did really really well--in fact the best I've ever done. Here are the categories I won:

"Tha Street" -- 3rd

Garment Name: Halftone

It was inspired by an old piece of fabric I had with a gradient. I saved it for years for the "perfect" moment. It is a summery retro piece that comes with a checkered caplet.

Prizes: Bilabong handbag & wallet, $50.00 Cheapskates Voucher, two Cinema Vouchers,$20.00 iTunes card.

Next was the "Something Old Something New" Category -- which I won! It was such a surprise because I didn't think my craft in the garment was very good. Obviously they weren't looking at the sewing but the visual impact. It looked so awesome on the runway *sigh*.

"Something Old Something New" -- 1st place

Garment Name: Blue Moon (a.k.a Glamazon)

This was made from a old, over sized dress from the retro section of a second hand shop. I bought it for $9.99. I reduced the size, maintaining the sweetheart neckline, and cut slashes which I beaded with long bugal beads. It doesn't look nice in these photos, but it looks like dynamite on a model.

Prizes: DVD Player & MP3 player, Roxy Luggage and Makeup bag, Chonel Hair & Body Spa Voucher, Cheapsakes Goodie Bag. Also a really neat glass trophy that we get to keep!

The next category was also a surprise. I expected another dress of mine to do better.

"Evening Trendz" -- 1st

Garment Name: Nouveau

The gown was made from a nouveau inspired satin. I made the chain neck piece, which was expensive and difficult to produce but the effort was worth it. This is not the best photo and the dress has taken a little battering from the runway so keep that in mind.

Fuji Swim n Shoot Camera + case, MP3 Player, Roxy Luggage and Makeup bag, Chonel Hair & Body Spa voucher, Cheapskates Goodie Bag.

Finally, I got Whanganui UCOL "Most Promising Designer Award", which included a $1000 scholarship. Woo hoo! Makes next years fees a little easier.

Thank you so much UNDERGROUND for this opportunity and all the amazing prizes. Thank you all the sponsors too! This inclues:
A special thanks to Chonel Hair & Body Spa, Pub Charity, Cheapskates, Dick Smith Electronics, Ministry of Youth Development, UCOL, Embassy 3 who donated the awesome prizes I received. Thank you!

And Finally, thank you Jo McDonald & Kirsty Simpson who were the coordinators. You did a stellar job.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Kate Bush CD

This is my CD assignment. I recreated Kate Bush's identity to better reflect her music. The goal was to produce a package that didn't require a jewel case to hold CD.
First picture: the lyrics booklet.
Second picture: Book & CD in book-inspired package.
Third picture: All components together and rustically bound with embellished belt.

Bondage Bear

The aim was to produce a toy and packaging. The toy counted for 40% and the packaging 60% of our grades. We were to create custom type as a logotype. This is my piece: "Bondage Bear" a teddy that you can take anywhere. The teddy is made from vinyl and the box is wooden--it has been painted cherry red and coated in red glitter.

I absolutely adore my teddy and I've had heaps of requests from people to buy it. I think I'm gonna keep it for now.


I made some *pretty* little cupcakes today:

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Well, it appears to me that people have no understanding on internet language. Just because you can't see a person, doesn't make you infallible or give the right to abuse the person. It certainly doesn't make you look powerful, it just comes off as juvenile. I'll give you an example:

I recently purchased a product off the internet. The seller sent me a glowing report on my quick payment. Their product, however, was poor and my feedback response reflected this. Instead of being fair (especially since I didn't ask for a refund), they changed their feedback on me to a negative response and refuse to change it until I changed mine. To me, that seems childish to try and extort a better response. That would also be a lie. I abhor liars, this is why I am maintaining my stance and not removing my comment even though he drags my rating down. Its the principle behind it. What's more, he used capital letters in his comment, which is not netiquettely polite. If anything, it diminishes the effect of a rational negotiation.

So, I have decided to post Five Golden Rules For The Internet

  1. Text language abbreviations, especially those that defy logic. Eg. Like >> Lyke.
  2. No capitals at the start of sentences, as well as no basic devices inserted anywhere. Eg. im mary. ive got a dog called sue.
  3. Use of capital letters to express anger or excitement. Eg. THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPED OVER THE LAZY DOG.
  4. Exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You only need one!
  5. No paragraphs. A chunk of text is often skipped because it is too difficult to read.
Right, well I hope that helps people to understand basic internet courtesy. Please use it!

Thursday, 5 November 2009


I'm really tired but I must keep plodding along. My eyes feel so heavy and almost like they have some weird gunk in them that distorts things I see. Thankfully, since I am a touch typist I don't have to look at what I'm writing. I feel like a genuine zombie but I have to finish work, its just easier to ramble in my blog then do any thing.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Wasting time with Iona


I'm trying to make a superly awesome amazing website--so great it knocks your socks off--and I can say that I am doing an absolutely fabby job at failing! I'm wasting time now because I don't know what the hell to do!

UUURRRRGGG! I'm in trouble.