Saturday, 24 October 2009


I'm such a slack blogger, I mean I barely bother when I know I should. Blogging is quite therapeutic. At the moment I think I am going quite mad. I'm suffering Graphic-itis. What is this Graphic-itis? I'll demonstrate:

OCD tendencies + assignments + lack of funds + over ambitious plans = insanity by OD (over-designing).

My poor lower lip has become my stress ball -- ie. chew toy with an ugly blister that's big enough to warrant a birth certificate...think I'll call it "Bastard" cuz that's what I curse every time I chew it. I know that no one particularly wants to look at Bastard but tough! This is my blog so you'll be forced to see it. Also, notice the fingernails----they were delicious.

Other than that, most things are progressing nicely. I got Bondage Bear almost finito...I just have to finish the box. Also, everyone keeps reminding me to "add the whips and chains" gah! Nothing is innocent anymore! I mean, just cause BB is made out of vinyl doesn't mean he's a blow up toy. I'm very excited that he's so close to being done. Maybe he'll become a fashion trend.

How are my other assignments? Let's not talk about them...nuff said.


I seem to have run out of things to say so I'll post this so I can get back to chewing Bastard. Happy Labour Weekend everyone!!!


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