Thursday, 13 August 2009

Long time no post...

Gosh, I'm lazy. I haven't posted in ages ^_^. Mostly because I've felt sapped out. Not too much has happened since my last post. The semester break was a few weeks ago, during this time I worked my arse off at the cafe. I enjoyed the hard labour and it shows on my hands. They are rapidly becoming the ugliest feature I have. Pretty soon (I'm sure of it!) I'll be called lizard girl or some such. On a more serious note, I am concerned with my hands. I use them for sewing, labour and building...they don't get a break very often. Which draws me to my biggest worry--will I wear them out too soon? Will I be an old lady with such arthritic fingers that I can't even hold a mug of tea?

It's a sobering thought because I am a hands-on person.

Never mind.

At the mo, we are working on the restaurant project. I adore this assignment because its right up my alley. However, I'm gonna try to stick to a budget because I do a lot of pointless money wasting and it huuurrrttsss. I imagine how many hours went into earning the money for whatever I buy. Again, a very sobering thought. It's not nice when one realises that one hour of work equates to three coffees at the Havoc Kiosk. I've got to stop drinking there!

Again, I'm ranting. I've just got to remember to stay positive. No one likes a whiner.

To do list:
- Take Sam to the market to find plates
- Complete h/w for respective tutors
- FINISH gowns! (I'm serious here!)
- Find out hours for work on Sun.