Saturday, 6 June 2009

Undercover Dance Party

As promised...the video from Savannah's birthday party. I've had people nagging at me to get it done and it took the whole day. Unfortunately, youtube disabled the audio because of copyright issues--I half expected that though. I chose Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" and it was good with the video but can't do much about it. It proves to me how people are cracking down on illegal usage of their products. But its done...hooray! That's one less thing to do.

It was interesting how people reacted to us when we walked down the street in our dress up. Some people were friendly and genuinely curious and some people avoided us, as if we had the "weirdo" plague. Other young idiots did try to intimidate and wreck our fun but they were sent off by a bystander. Kudos to them!!!

I want to do it again.

To do list:
- Interactive
- Annual Report
- Work at 10am
- Double page spread for type
- Photoshop pregnancy photos
- Second illustration

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Roger said...

What a brilliant idea, looks like a lot of fun!
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