Thursday, 18 June 2009

People are so weird

I've been floating round again today and found some interesting stories. Firstly, a 38 year old British man was jailed for four years because he's been stalking girls on networking sites. He also seemed to have a fetish for them wearing Ugg boots. Anyway, they got him and psychiatric said he had an unusually high sex drive and would benefit from chemical castration. Now that is freaky. Does that mean that he'll have to have a chemical castration? Can the court of law say he has to?

I'm going to research it. Ooh, I  think I found a good site here. Okay, so it says chemical castration suppresses testosterone. They use the drug used for prostate cancer patients which reduces testosterone produced in the testes. Prozac also works for three months or so

"France has conducted tests using the prostate cancer drug Leuproreline to dampen the sex drive of offenders when they are released from prison."

Does this mean the French force sex offenders to take the drug?

Side effects seem to indicate that there is little known about this process, but it does reduce sex drive as well as making people lethargic and can trigger breast-like protrusions in men. The countries that do this are: Sweden, Denmark, canada, and eight US states to repeat sex offenders.

But isn't that against human rights to force this upon people even if they are sex offenders? We don't remove wombs from mothers who beat or kill their children. 

According to the U.S. Constitution: Eighth Amendment, excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. Reference. Wouldn't castrating a man be cruel? It would make them feel damaged, so why does eight states do this practice?

Now I'm not saying rapists are good people or that they do or don't deserve chemical castration, but wouldn't this be bad for rapists from a mental point of view? For most rapists, it's not about the sexual act but the need to prove their dominance and feel like a man. If you took a rapists sex drive away, then they would have feelings of impotency which would feed their need to assert their manliness over another person. It's not solving the problem, is it?

In Poland, they want to impost compulsory chemical castration on pedophiles. What may have motivated this decision ins the incest cast near eastern Polish village of Grodzisk where a 45 year old man was allegedly sexually abused his 21 year old daughter for six years. The poor woman seems to have sired to children with him.

The news appalled Tusk. "I don't believe that such individuals, such creatures, can be called human," he said. "In this case one can't even argue on behalf of human rights." He wants to impose "chemical castration" as a punishment in Poland. In his words, castration would not come "at the request of the convict, but rather as a part of the verdict." The forced punishment would apply "mainly to pedophiles, particularly those who have no hope of reform." Reference.

Oh, I think I've found my answer: Great Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany already offer convicted child molesters the option of "chemical castration," but only on a voluntary basis and if administered by a qualified psychotherapist. In Germany, sex offenders have the legal right to psychotherapy.

It doesn't explain if America makes it a compulsory, but since Poland is the first to attempt this one can assume that America makes it a voluntary thing too.

Anyway, I found the article on that girl who requested three stars and got 56 instead. Holy cow it looks ugly. But beside that, how the hell do you fall asleep and "accidentally" receive that many more! I think she's lying on the account of a few points.
1. Getting three stars on your face in black ink wouldn't take a long time, but 56 would undoubtably take longer.
2. The pain of tattooing--especially your face--would keep you awake, no matter how much she professes she fell asleep.
3. Apparently her father had a fit and her boyfriend threatened to dump her when they saw what she'd done. Suing them would be a good way to get the money to receive laser treatment.

But they really are ugly. They are too big and black to be considered nice. They just look like moles all over her face. Reference 1. Reference 2. I researched tattoos on youtube and some people are so stupid. Youtube has some weird stuff.

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Samantha said...

Haha Iona! I don't know what I'd do without you and your interesting blog entries. This one really made me laugh. Thanks for finding those little tidbits. I'm glad to know I'm pretty normal compared to some people.

I didn't know you also saw Virgin School in june. I guess I wasnt the only one up at that hour and watching TV. That guy looked like an ugly version of Ralph Fiennes (he had a funny lip...) If he had a little more self confidence - particularly in his body language - he would've been an ok guy. Oh and he needed a job too. :P

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